Bring back the GUI of Cubase 7.5

Hello, Steinber crew! :slight_smile:
Is it possible the graphic interface of Cubase 7.5 to be brought back in Cubase Pro 8, because it looks much better and Pro, the the one of Cubase 8, and it’s the same with the starting logo?
What’s your point to change something which looks great, with something which looks terrible?
I really love Cubase, there isn’t something better for my needs, but the GUI make sense! :slight_smile:
If you are not able to make the things better, ask the customers, or don’t touch it!

  1. Which logo looks better? /check attachments related to the logo/
    Cubase 8 Logo.jpg
    Cubase7.5 Logo.png
  1. Which VST Instruments Rack Mount looks better? /check attachments related to the VST Instruments Rack/

There are many example which I can give…
Please, guys… remove the Aero Theme dependency! :slight_smile:
I hope you are going to pay attention on may post.
Thank you! :slight_smile:
Cubase Pro 8 VST Instriments.jpg
Cubase 7.5 VST Instruments.jpg

Hit f11

JMCecil, what do you mean? I know how to invoke VST Instruments rack mount… I’m talking about graphic interface…

i understand a lot of the GUI critique, and for the most part i agree, it looks pastiched, and disparate, and toyish (i do not think C7 looks pro personally).

but complaining about the intro logo that is visible for a couple of seconds… that is crossing the line for me, it bears no relevance to the actual feel or workflow of the application, and i believe slightly discredits the relevant GUI-related demands.

they look identical to me. What is the problem?

I couldn’t care less about a stupid splash screen. Pro software does pro things, the font of the splash screen doesn’t contribute much to that.

Everything is important! :slight_smile:
The functionality of Cubase 8 is very good, and the DAW is Pro, but the GUI of 7.5 looks much better and they didn’t have to change it.
Every window of the Project window looks as separate with these too many curved angles in Cubase 8… in Cubase 7.5 it looks much more like it’s one window, which is much better…

I disagree, I think C8 looks more finished and cohesive. C7 looked half finished with the project working/looking one way and the mixer another. Now it is getting to be unified. I think THAT is more along the lines of “Pro”.

In my opinion, the parts of the project window and the mixer window have to look like parts of one window, not as separate windows… without connection of the forms. The curves of every part make it to look separated from the window, not united…

I think 8 looks better than 7.5

There are some other GUI “enhancements” that I´m not so keen on though…the removal of “always on top” for various windows (mixer, sample editor) for example

There are some GUI changes that I don’t like, but I think the general look of 8 is better.

Cubase 8 rock. It GUI is fantastic.
Steinberg, don’t even think about backward it.
Cubase 8 look AMAZING.

I try not to criticize whenever possible. I’m not a code writer and the functionality of Cubase is what encourages me to use it. Having said that, after returning to Cubase after a few years of not using it, I was sort of horrified to see the changes to the GUI in Cubase 7 and 7.5. Overstylized and cheap/gothic looking to my eye. Hard to look at for long periods of time. Going to something more professional looking, along the lines of the DP 8 GUI would suit me. Someone mentioned a mobile phone app. This describes 7.5 perfectly to me. If V8 looks similar, it would be a step in the wrong direction, IMO.

You know, you should try: [Alt] + [F4]. Work great for all those that don’t like the new GUI and the game changer. It will solve all your issues!

Sorry, I also disagree with you. Cubase PRO 8 look and GUI window managment work wonderful compare to Cubase 7.5. It would be horrible to go backward again to Cubase 7.5.

Add of AERO dependency and all the technology that comes with it are a great move and its about time. And by the way all programs since Windows Vista has always been Aero dependent. The difference is that many of you have just abused this settings and turned it off when it should be on all along. Still all this years you all that have tuned it off have had errors in the background. Now all those api calls errors are so many errors so now you can’t get away with it anymore.

Now its just matter of time until Steinberg finally end x32bit support for good on all their software’s and we will be really in the right direction.

What Steinberg has done with Cubase PRO 8 is exactly what all professional users asked and looking for. I’m sure the splash screen look is not one of them even though I like that even better too. Dark, black = professional look.

So this is the future and I understand that everyone don’t get that yet.

Best Regards

Nice tone :unamused:

Sorry to sound so negative. Like I said, I try not to criticize. If I could skin it differently, I would. It’s a personal preference. The color scheme and graphics are distracting to me and “toy like”. I think Steinberg has taken things in the wrong direction in this regard. Dark/black with neon tone colors is not a professional look, IMO. Enough said.

In my opinion, the GUI of Cubase Pro 8 wipes the floor with 7.5. I can actually read what everything says (I use a 50 inch TV Screen at the minute) which is a good start!

Cubase just gets better and better!


I prefer Cubase 8.

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