Bring the right multitrack to front

Does anyone have a smooth strategy for this issue.

I have several takes of multitracks of drums laying on top of each other.
I want to be able to bring a certain take to front in a smooth way without having to click on each track
and choosing the right one. Is there a way I can do this in less clicks? I was assuming it to work with groupd editing active
but when I do it only one channel for example the kick gets changed. Also, I realize sometimes one of the channels has got an off number
so its not always take 3 on every channel, what it is however is that I want the take that has the same possition in the “pile of events”. to clearify
at one time I created take 2 and then every event from that take got 02 in the name, however when I did take 3 I had earlier by mistake recorded a couple of seconds on the tom channel, and because of that, once I actually recorded take 3 the tom channels got numbered 04 because of this.

thanks for any help!

It works with group editing but the events have to be of the exact same length. If you record them in Cubase they usually are but if you cut them with ‘snap to zero’ on they may just look like they are but aren’t. This can be checked by disabling/re-enabling the group editing button. If Cubase moans with the message “… not completely in sync” then they aren’t.

Take a look here

and here

thanks alot marQs for the advice and the links to the threads. After reading through it all I got quite a few tips. However all I needed
to do this time was to cut all the takes so they all began and ended exactly at the same bars, and then I activated group edit again and when
I moved a lane to front all of the tracks moved correctly.

One more question, do you know if there is a key command so that the normal scissors tool cuts through all lanes. Now my soultions is to either use comp tool + alt and cut, OR first use arrow tool to highligh all the lanes ( by dragging a square with the mouse) and then cut with the scissors tool. maybe just curious, usually the compt tool will be on anyway…

Yes, cutting through all lanes works just with alt + comptool. Scissors cut through all lanes if you cut the group folder I think, but I prefer the other method anyway.