Bringing back 32 Bit plugins in Cubase 9

I saw a thread a little while ago describing a way to re-enable 32Bit plugins in Cubase 9. Think it involved tweaking an XML file somewhere. Can anyone tell me what the method was?


Yes, I know about JBridge but I’m talking about something else. I believe there’s a quick hack/edit you can do on one of the Cubase XML files that will unblock 32Bit plugins. Just need to know exactly what that is.

It’s a couple of files…but is detailed here:

Not supported by Steinberg and though it works at the moment it may not in future. make sure you back up all files first and you use it at your own risk. But it does work.

So now we’re hacking cubase

You can selectively reactivate 32bit plugs in the plugin manager. But JBridge flawlessly does what you want.

…How? I can only reactivate 64 bit blacklisted ones. The option does not show for 32 bit ones on my system.

And after some scriptwriting & workarounds to get 32-bit plugins working again, REMEMBER to complain on various forums on how unstable your DAW has become.

Well yes, I suspect that’s precisely the reason Steinberg are blocking 32 Bit plugins. Because people can’t be trusted not to blame Cubase when they have instability caused by old 32 Bit plugins.

Personally, I just need to do some work on an old project that requires a couple of 32 Bit plugs, although this hack is not working for me so I will do it in Cubase 8.5 instead.

Not working for me any more either, wonder if it changed with the latest update? I can’t be sure as it wasn’t something I used regularly.

oops…appologies…the button to relist a 32bit plug only showed up after I JBridged it.

Thanks for confirming I’m not missing something. :wink: