Broken projects, HELP!!!!!!


A couple of days ago my computer crashed completely. I had to re-install my OS and everything, but luckily for me I saved all my projects on to an external hard drive.
So when I had finished installing W7 32bit and Cubase 6.5 I tried to open one of my tracks that I was currently working on.
All the samples are there, every midi-note and everything.
But there is no sound what so ever from the midi tracks, (instrument tracks) in ANY of my projects i’ve have ever made.
And all the sounds I made are set to init patch, and all the synths that i’ve used presets on (nexus) are set back to the init patch also.

So the whole projects is there, but there is no sound… I tried copying an entire project into a empty one, still same problem?
And when I try to use another preset (nexus) Cubase crashes, and even if I change one preset to another there still isn’t any sound.

What the hell am I supposed to do here!? All my work is completely ruined…
Please help me. :frowning:

Firstly you need not despair, your data is safe with Cubase!

Most likely you will need to re-create all your patch data unless you had imaged your hard drive before crash.

Okay, how do I re-create all my patch data?
(retarded question maybe) ^^


Is there sound, if you try to create new project, and Insert the Instrument into this new project? I mean, does it sound either, or not?

Yes there is.
I can start up new projects and everything works just like it should. It’s my “old” projects that have no sound.

How do I re-patch??

How do I re-create my patch data??

Are the VST connections (outputs) set up correctly in old projects?

Are the HD drive letters with the samples the same as in your old machine ?


What do you mean? I’m using the same computer, only I reinstalled the entire OS.

Are you using more than one hard drive?

Yes, like i said in the first post. I’m using my “main” hard drive and one external hard drive.

Did you reinstall Nexus and the other VSTi’s or did you simply just copy/paste the dll’s?

There’s your problem. The data will be there. Cubase just needs to redirect to that drive or maybe try moving what you saved back to it’s “original” location.
I would say that all being well that you may have to be prepared lose some preset data although you might get lucky and retrieve the lot. I think Cubase is fairly well behaved in situations like this but it’s never straightforward.
Moved data after a crash is an area where programmers traditionally don’t expend much time on but there’s plenty guys here who can walk you through the process. Just have patience while they find the time to help you.

Steinberg support may be quicker off the mark in your case.

But the drive letters can still be different from your previous installation.
What madsv actually asks is:
Is the drive letter of the external drive at this moment the same as it was at your previous installation?

So when it was E: before the crash, it’s highly recommended to set is up as E: again at the present installation.

It was E: before, and is still E:. What am I supposed to do here really? I mean, all the samples are there (kick, snare etc), and all the midi-data are still there… It seems like there is some kind of a routing problem, but everything is correct… It’s strange.

Okay, so we can rule file location out.
We try to help, by narrowing down the possible problems.

Are the peak meters showing activity when you playback the project?
Do you use the VST Instruments rack, if yes, do the MIDI activity lights, light up when you playback the project?

…Peak meters of any track (MIDI or Instruments), peak meters of Groups (if you are using it), peak meters of Main output?

There is no activity on the meters (instrument tracks).
Audio files are working correctly though

When you open the VST GUI of an instrument track, does the “Event Receive Indicator” (MIDI light) light up while playing back the MIDI data?