Broomstick bass problem

Hi guys,
I’ve installed Broomstick bass but it doesn’t turn up as a VSTI - it turns up as an FX and doesn’t work properly. It works in auto mode but not in manual mode.
It used to work fine in CB 7.
Any ideas ?

no one ??

Broomstick Bass is a rather old plugin that isn’t developed anymore. Therefore it might or might not work with newer DAWs. Are you running Cubase 8 64bit or 32bit? I’m not completely sure, but I’m guessing that BB is 32-bit only. In order to use it under Cubase 8 64bit your best option would be to bridge it using jBridge.

I’m running CB 32 bit so that can’t be the problem. And it works in CB7.
Thank’s anyway :slight_smile:

Broomstick is sadly discontinued many years ago. Thus no upgrade for Broomstick alongside continous development in other areas. Upgrade of computer, OS and DAW will “normally” yield compatibility problems. I have lost a couple each time. Most 3. party developers must then issue a new version of their VST, AU … pluggs. Sometimes the plug is lost forever, more often a new version will appear.

In addition to the mentioned Broomstick I can mention the following that I miss:
Groove Agent 2 by Steinberg themselves.
USM by Steinberg themselves
Key Rig
Bass Rig

There is nothing in the market that has replaced Broomstick or any of the above mentioned.

The only way to get to use older pluggs is to down grade, or use two computeres, one old and one new and link them, or re-sample the old instrument (but you can’t do that with FX pluggs). Broomstick is fairly easy to re-sample and you can do a pretty good job with a sequencer/arpeggiator to get the bass grooves that came with it.

The advantage of 64 bit is so great that you should leave 32 bit altogether. The difference between the two, as I am sure you know, is 64 bits ability to access more than approx 3,5 Gb of memory, given that you have more than 4 Gb in your machine that is.

I can confirm that I have Broomstick Bass running perfectly on System 1 with JBridge. See specs below. If memory serves, it bridges directly on System 2. Anyway it works fine on both 64 bit systems. I know this doesn’t solve your problem, but might help you to know.

The upright bass and Chapman stick are still excellent.

I am a very honest and direct person. The worst thing that can happen is not a broomstick bass that is not working… the worst is a broomstick that work. Sorry guy but you are totally out of date with it. How about Trilian and make some real good bass sounds?

As mentioned: There is nothing in the market that replaces Broomstick Bass. I have Trillian and i is very good. It is however not the same thing. It is not just to compare the samplings. Broomsticks ability to give you a fast working bass groove is not even considered in Trillian, nor any other bass software that I am aware of. And as mentioned by another OP: some of the samplings in Broomstick are still among the better. I find both the Mini Mooog, Taurus and Chapman to give Trillian competition, for a fraction of the price.

Dear Modest-Expert, thanks for telling me where I am going wrong. OP will also be relieved to know that they are better off without Broomstick Bass. So that solves that.

Dear Modest Expert
I am curious as to why you are writing this. Why do you think the OP is better off without Broomstick? What is it with that product that makes you say he/she is better off without it and has to spend a lot of money on Trillian? Trillian is “real” according to you. Should I assume that Broomstick is “unreal” according to you? The OP obviously wants to make Broomstick work, or at least have some reasons why it does not, The OP does not ask for expensive alternatives. You are just throwing out unsubstantiated statements. Does Broomstick destroy any mixes? Does it make the computer crumble? Does it make people turn off their radios when they hear a song with it? What if every question here at the forum was answered in the same manner with: “Buy something else”?

Thank’s Rumdrum,
I’m still on the same machine that used to run Broomstick fine in CB 7 - there are no changes. So it must be an installation problem or a problem with CB 8.5.
And it’s still CB 32 bit so it ought to work.
btw - it’s me playing the doublebass samples - another reason for wanting it to work :slight_smile:

Have you tried to rewire it in Reaper? When Broomstick stopped working for me I had at least a year of utilization by rewiring Reaper in Cubase and loading Broomstick in Reaper. It may be that some other DAW is also capable of running Broomstick that you can rewire in CB8.5. Many have a free trial period. Reaper is very cheap and solved the problem for me for a while. However and sadly not anymore so I have the mentioned two computer solution with CB 4.5 on the old PC and 8.5 on the newer MAC.

What? gee its an old 32 bit plug-in we need to evolve to 64 bit guys. More memory and it works a lot better in Cubase 8. I will erase all my old 32 bits stuff BTW its ouf of date (The broom too) he ability to work with something as versatile as Trilian in 64 bits give to chance to do any style of bass. Way better than the out of date Broom. Anyway Trilian is better Period. You dont believe me? thats fine I dont try to convince you if you are in love with it… theres nothing I can do about it … But personally… broomstick …lol I’d be willing to pay to NOT use it…

This is just word without any contents. Your comprehension of “better” is quite subjective. Nothing substantiated there. Being 32 bit does not make it any lesser. Virus for Powercore is still one of the most versatile synths around. I say that even if I have Omnisphere, Serum, Dune 2, Native Instruments Complete and a bunch of others. Virus is 32 bit only like all the other extremely good and fully working Powercore pluggs. You can run 32 bit pluggs in a 64 bit daw. 64 bit plugs does not sound any better because they are 64 bit. Why do you think Broomstick is missed? Because it is not versatile and sound bad? Perhaps it is in fact versatile and sound good? And btw the OP still runs 32 bit. Did you get that? Thus no need for the extra memory 64 bit yields in his/hers projects. You should read what the OP asks before trying to be missionary for your view based upon your own choices. In stead you keep ignoring that and go on and on and on with Trillian. Nothing bad about Trillian, but Trillian is another topic.

i used Broomstick Bass on some big commercial releases (on Hed Kandi)…kicked ass that plugin. Wish it was still around or someone had taken the time to sample it and make a Kontakt patch or 2 out of it…was always something on my “to do” list but ive never got around to doing it.

was as buggy as hell even back in the day, sometimes didnt load up in sessions, sometimes lost its data file location, etc. But i could never find any bass that even sounded remotely the same from Trillian, actually ive never managed to get a single Trillian bass to sit in a mix properly but thats just me. They all sound ok in isolation but in a track they have no “body”…just flabby sub and this twang.

i do miss Broomstick Bass. I read somewhere the developers just made it to show off and demonstrate their programming abilities and were snapped up by some other company afterwards which is why it was dropped from support

I have had some communication with the Swede Sven Bornemark during the last years and the reason for not supporting the plug is due to Svens lack of interest and that the co-worker and programmer is “not available” (for some reason).

I have started a Kontakt 5 project to resample it. I will have to clarify with Sven about the rights to the samplings and also graphics which I intend to use. So far it is a “me only” product, but I will make it available for “all of you” if the intellectual property rights turn out ok.

The project has four phases: 1. Resampling and make the samplings work in Kontakt 5. 2. The graphics. 3. The arpeggiated bass grooves. 4. Key switching for things like slide etc… I have the knowledge for phase 1 and 2 but so far phase 3 and 4 is a bit of a stopper, so if there is anybody out there for a co-project… or if I can make it a bit commercial (ref intellectual properties), some sale might finance phase 3 and 4.

Hopefully finished this year.

I just doublechecked - Broomstick works in CB 7.5 but not in 8 or 8.5.
To my knowledge there hasn’t been any change to CB’ VSTI architecture from 7.5 to 8 ?
And even older plugs than Broomstick - like Xphrase - still works in 8.5.
So why does Broomstick show up as an effect and not as a VSTI ?

Hi just to reiterate, it works fine in two instances here. Pro 8 and Pro 8.5 Windows 7 and 10 respectively.

Regarding Modest Expert…Smile and wave boys!

Thank’s Parrotspain. Which folder did you put it in ?

Hi madsv,

On my System 1 - spec below, the original plug is here: “C:\Program Files (x86)\Steinberg\Vstplugins” and I have used JBridge to create a .64 version which is in a folder called “Bridged VSTs” which I created for the purpose. I have found that with Pro 8 onwards, I am using JBridge less and less. Most plugs are working fine in original form. There are still a few that JBridge helps with. Those that won’t play reliably, I am phasing out.