BUG: 6.0.2 - Clicking point in automation lane moves it


When “Enlarge selected track” is selected, if you click a point on an automation curve in an unselected lane, the lane will expand and the point will instantly be moved to a completely new position (the position of your mouse cursor now that the lane is expanded). This should not happen.


  1. Go to Preferences, Editing, Project & Mixer and make sure “Enlarge Selected Track” is checked
  2. In the project window, click on a track with automation
  3. Click the + to show the automation lane. (Note the lane is not yet enlarged.)
  4. Click any exiting point on the automation curve.


The automation lane will enlarge. The point you clicked will move as if you had meant to drag it to where it would be when the lane enlarged.


The point is selected but unmoved and the automation curve is unchanged by the lane enlarging.


The workaround is to click on the lane to enlarge it before clicking an automation point. But it’s too easy to accidentally move a point (sometimes without even noticing).

Bump. Steinberg please acknowledge/comment?


No problem here. When I click on an automation point itselve, then the track does not enlarge. It also does not habben when you would draw new automation. It only enlarges when you “select” the automation track.

What happens when you set your preferences to “default” and only enable the option “Enlarge selected tracks” ?




I have consistently noticed the same thing - the automation point jumps a large amount to a random point when I click in the volume automation line.

I will go back and see what settings I have for “enlarge track”, etc. My recollection is that this random automation data corruption occurs even after I enlarge the automation track (I can’t imagine trying to edit it without enlarging it first).

But I wouldn’t think this should happen no matter what setting I am using, right?

I can reproduce this 100% of the time. When I click anything in any track the track enlarges, which is what I’d expect for enlarge selected track (how else should it work?) but the problem is that the point moves when the track enlarges.

Chris, before I trash my preferences, can you please make sure you are making the selected track height substantially larger than the unselected one and also that your automation curve is editable and one that takes a range of data (not just OFF/ON)?

I am presuming that our dear Split has also enabled the option “Track Selection follows Event Selection”? :wink:

As regards the apparent “movement”, are you certain that the actual value of that automation point has changed? (open the Info Line, select a test automation point, note its value, then start again with the recipe… observe the “movement” of the automation point, and look again in the Info Line… has the value actually changed?)


Are you telling us that you don’t have that option activated? (when both that option, and “Enlarge Selected Tracks” are active, clicking on an event will also select the track it is on, and therefore enlarge the track.)

I am 100% positive that the point moves. Isn’t it default that track selection would follow event selection? Even if not, it’s still a pretty bad bug since that seems like a common preference. Usually when the track expands, the click moves the point to the bottom or top of the automation lane–then I have to manually move the point back.

:confused: :confused:

Oh and for the record I dont have enlarge selected track enabled.

:blush: Sorry, Split… I don’t know why, but I wrote “Split”, when in fact I meant to address the topic starter “Lights”.
At least, now, I understand your " :confused: ".
Sorry for the confusion.

Hey, thats cool :laughing: now you’ve seen the light(s) :mrgreen:

Chris: could you retry with the observation that track selection follows event selection must be on?

:laughing: I was beginning to think it was getting time to split! :stuck_out_tongue:

Can others try the repro as stated (with enlarge selected track and track selection follows event selection on) and report back as to whether they also have the same bug?

(now that I know I haven’t dialled the wrong number this time :blush: :slight_smile: )…
Yes I did try it, and it is fine here. (may be specific to your operating system?)

Could someone test thin a PC?

Lights, I’m away from the PC till next week, but will check as soon as I can. THanks -