Bug changing voice in drum set (with tuplets)

Hi folks,

I’m trying to reproduce this drum fill:

Screen Shot 2022-11-21 at 7.54.34 PM

So, I’d like 2 beats of the typical:

And then change the snare to be in the top voice, allowing separate eighth notes on the pedal high hat as in the example.

So, I start with:

And obviously, the quarter note high hat pedal is part of the triplet voice, so it doesn’t work.

But when I change the percussion voice of the snares to be “Up Stem 1”…

it gets goofy:

And, I can’t fix it. So, now, the snares in the top voice are notated incorrectly, and if I remove the triplets from below to enter the bottom voice correctly, the top voice loses the triplet:

Note that this works fine without tuplets:

Here’s the project:

DrumVoiceTest.dorico (586.7 KB)

I’m guessing this is a bug that can be fixed in a future version. However, I can’t for the life of me figure out how to work around the issue (even with ugly notation) as I can’t get the top voice to allow triplets and the bottom to not.

Any ideas?


…I guess a (hard-to-play with two arms) workaround would be to have a sticked closed high hap in the top voice and the snare in the bottom voice.

Have you tried changing the voice allocations of instruments in the kit in its Edit Percussion Kit dialog?

Hi @Lillie_Harris,

Thanks for the response.

Two possibilities in that dialogue seem possible, both help, neither are perfect:

  1. Update snares (and all others that might be in triplet fills) to be in Voice 1, not Voice 2
  2. Update snares (and all others …) to be in a new Voice 3

The first would avoid the specific problem in this thread, but would similarly struggle if ever the snares had a different tuplet than the cymbols.

The second helps - now the snares are more easily made independent, but isn’t ideal because simpler drum beats now are much more complicated to notate (see how the snare and the kicks are now separate voices):


So, probably the workaround I listed in a previous post, or option 2 here, are decent workarounds, but it does seem like there’s a bug that can be fixed to make this work flawlessly.


It can be done by creating a second snare with stems up. Take a look at the stem directions in the Drum Kit definition in the attached file.
snareStems.dorico (477.1 KB)

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This issue has been discussed before, e.g. in this thread:

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