[Bug][Dorico 3.5.10][i18n][zh-Hans] Consolidated bugreports since October 2020.

As Daniel’s preference, this thread is to consolidate zh-Hans i18n bug reports (especially translated from Puwu.pro i18n bug pretracker) since October 2020.

[Bug][Dorico 3.5.10][i18n][zh-Hans] Untranslated strings in the application preferences. (PW#117)

In the Dorico application preferences window, the two buttons located bottom-right are not localized in zh-Hans MUI.
Two buttons are [Close] and [Apply].

See attached picture in the upper floor or https://puwu.pro/index.php?threads/117/

[Bug][Dorico 3.5.10][i18n][zh-Hans] The term “flat” is translated without considering the UI context. (PW#116)

In the beam direction menu, there are 3 choices: “Flat,” “Up,” and “Down”.

The zh-Hans localization team bulk-translated the term “flat” in the meaning of accidentals like “♭”.
However, in the beam direction menu context, nothing is related to “♭”.

See attached picture or https://puwu.pro/index.php?threads/116/

Thanks for these reports, Shiki. Please feel free to add to this thread rather than to create a new thread for each issue you want to report.

The Apply/Close is the choice of the Qt team, rather than our translator; we use the standard Chinese translation included with Qt for things like the strings used in buttons.

We’ll ensure the issue with “flat” in the context of beams is taken care of in a future revision of the translation.

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Thanks for your response. There are 3 more things:

  1. This thread might needs to be tagged as “Dorico-3-5” and “issue”.

  2. May the following thread be merged into this thread?
    [i18n][zh] Unify those terms of different note values

  3. I forgot whether I reported the translation error of the term set: “concert pitch” and “Transposed Pitch”. Nevertheless, I memo it here.

Wrong translation in Dorico 3.5.10

  • Problem Type: Mistranslation
  • Context: Both the Edit menu and the left-bottom corner of the main Window.
  • Original English Text: “Concert Pitch” & “Transposed Pitch”
  • Expected Translation: “实际记音音高” & “移调乐器记音音高” // May differ according to the UI context.
  • Actual Current Wrong Translation: “音乐会音高” & “转换音高”


I will pass this report regarding your recommendation concerning concert/transposed pitch to our localisation team.

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