[BUG] IC Pro not working with VCA faders.

In Mixconsole mode the app appears to work properly on my iPhone 4S and on my iPhone 5S (it also lists VCA faders so i assume that I have the latest version installed), but if I switch to CUE MIX mode no faders are visible except for a single ‘Global’ section that just contains [M][S][L]. The Transport buttons still function but there is no fader control so it is impossible to set up cue mixes from the iPhones.

If the app is launched already set to Cue Mix mode, a single ‘Cue n’ fader initially appears but this then disappears and no faders remain visible.

SKI version 1.0.7 is installed on my PC.

The Android version is still working, although no VCA faders are displayed. (and we all know why that is!)

Any idea what has gone wrong?

UPDATE: It appears that the problem is caused by the VCA faders - If a project contains one or more VCA faders then the IC PRO Cue Mix mode no longer works. If no VCA faders are present in a project the Cue Mix mode works as it should.

Another gem.


  1. Open a Nuendo project containing no VCA Fader tracks.

  2. Set IC PRO on a remote device to Cue Mix mode.

At this point all relevant faders plus a Cue fader will be visible on the device.

  1. Add a VCA Fader track to the project.

THE IC PRO SCREEN WILL GO BLACK - NO FADERS VISIBLE. So there is no possibility to set up a cue mix.

  1. Remove the VCA Fader track from the project - All relevant faders re-appear in IC PRO.