VCA Fader / IC PRO Bug

I know problems have been found with the VCA system (still present after more than 18 months!) but I thought I would try using it to see if it could work for me.

Unfortunately, it has become completely unusable because it is not compatible with IC PRO which I use to provide Cue mixes for myself and other players.

If a project is opened that contains one or more VCA Fader tracks, or if a VCA track is added to a project with IC PRO running on a remote device, it completely screws up IC PRO if the App is in Cue Mix mode (or is switched to Cue Mix mode after launching).

The only solution for me is to remove all VCAs from the projects and replace them with Group Tracks. - That’s where I was in the first place. What a waste of time.

Here is a link to a thread explaining it and providing repro details.