[Bug] "Import Tracks from Project" destroys routing

Like the subject says. I’m importing Group tracks from a previous version of the same project to the identical target tracks by means of “Select Matching”. Any track that was routed to this Group is unrouted (“No Bus”) after track-import…

If this isn’t a bug but by design, then it’s simply wrong. :sunglasses:

Windows 10, Nuendo 11.0.30

Yes this has been the same in all versions so far that have introduced Import From Project. It very much decreases the usability of the feature

Yes, this is certainly an issue. “Import Tracks from Project” also fails to import expression maps or drum maps. I was creating a new template project using this new feature and found its implementation to be much less complete than my basal expectations for it. It caused me many more hours of work due to these missing elements.

Has this been logged as a Bug or at least unfinished feature?

Is reported.
Should be fixed in the new update.


Fingers crossed!