[BUG] Midi Gate bypass automation doesn't work

Hi all,

Can anyone confirm that the Bypass function on the Midi Gate plugin is broken ?

Repro :

  • insert midi gate on an audio track with audio on it
  • route a blank midi track to the midi gate
  • audio is muted by the gate
  • automate the bypass of the midi gate
  • you hear the audio
  • hit stop and play back where your midi gate is bypassed
  • audio is muted as if the midi gate was not bypassed.

Workaround : switch OFF the midi gate plugin

It’s a bummer as I always automate the midi gate bypass state and as you know you can’t automate ON/OFF plugin state…


Am I the only one automating bypass on this plugin ?

Or can someone try the repro and tell me I’m wrong please ?


I checked this out. It seems to work correctly for me on Nuendo 10.2/macOS. I’m using the ‘Note Off’ Hold Mode. Bypassing (and automating it) seems to work correctly other than hearing some clicks from the MIDI track on triggers.


I replied in the other thread here. It works for me.