BUG: No Inserts in Channel bar (left bart) for Output channels

Cubase Pro 13.0.20


  1. Add any instrument

  2. Open VSTi right bar and activate outputs

  3. Add any plugin to the output channel.

  4. Select the output channel in the main window. You will not see the VST in the left Channel bar


As you can see, you have the Instrument track selected. It’s written in the top tab (Atlas 01). If you have an Instrument track, the Channel doesn’t show the Audio Return channels, but it shows the main Instrument Channel instead.

This is by design (maybe for know). In any case, it’s a known limitation.

How do you change it so that the Channel Tab shows any of the other audio outs of a VSTi with multiple outs activated?

This is not possible at the moment.
As Martin already mentioned, it’s a known limitation.

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