BUG: not displaying program names midi devices

I’m begging to please fix this bug in next update:

  • Not displaying midi device program patchnames in Inspector since update Cubase 6.
  • Not displaying program(snapshot-) names in Midi Device Control Panels since update Cubase 5.5 and now in Cubase 6 even not displaying in Inspector. I hoped for better functionality by updating but this is worse !
    For me the good news is that since update 6 the read enable status in the midi device panels is remembered in the project.
    The program patchnames for vst instrument tracks and miditracks connected to vst instruments do display okay in the inspector.

I make much use of my selfmade Midi Device Controller Panels since Cubase 4 to control my external mididevices.
I create them for example like this:
Menu Devices -> Midi Device Manager -> Install Device -> Define New -> Enter name and enable “Snapshots”. I make panels and parameters. This works okay .

this has already been reported and comfirmed as a bug



Thanks, I’ve seen that topic. But that doesn’t seem to be the same issue though. That concerns VSTinstrument presets in inspector not displaying. With me these do display well, but don’t the midi device patch presets, in inspector and device panel. I did reply there too but get no reactions, so here I post this topic again.
What does concern this issue is this topic: http://www.steinberg.net/forum/viewtopic.php?p=22335
There Site Admin replies: we have it tracked already. So that’s hopegiving. But I find nowhere the issue about missing snapshot/preset names in the devicemaps itself. I can only hope it also has been tracked because I am complaining about this since they don’t display in 5.5.

as i said its been reported and it is the same bug !


Thanks, that topic I missed, but is even only concerned patchnames in Inspector. I’m also talking about snapshot names in controlpanels, that’s not the same. It possibly can be caused by the same bug, but I can’t conclude that.

Have we had any indication as to when this “known bug” will be exterminated ??

I hope it will be fixed on the next update ?

Well, it’s fixed more quickly than I could hope for ! (Just updated to 6.01)
I’m glad with it.

Well,That’s me sorted…well done 6.0.1. !!