BUG: pref/edit/folder-options: "show when closed"

if folder ist closed ONLY an empty folder is shown :arrow_right: NO data visible. BUG? :confused:

There’s a preference.



No response from Steinberg on this but it appears to be a bug.

yep even with "always show data " non is shown ,if there is another thread on it the steinberg needs to pick it up !

not nice seeing an empty space !


From the C5 forum:


That post is not relevant to this issue! That is just because he had the C5 preference set wrong.

In C6 changing the preference will not show the data at any setting.

I too have been wondering if this is working exactly “as intended”…
That option in Preferences does control the circumstances in which we see the folder “Part”… but whenever it is visible, it is always seen as just an empty “shell”. I would much prefer to see that shell contain the “overview” of the folder part’s contents, like it used to in Cubase 5.
What makes me wonder, is the fact that the Preference says “Show data”, whereas in fact it is just showing the shell.
(and also, if you look closely at the screenshot, top-left of p79, the “Drum Edit” folder Part does appear to be empty, even though it contains a Kick and Sn Top with data on them.)
I’m also wondering if it has anything to do with that “dotted” overlay that appears when Group Editing is active.

I’ve noticed with tracks that have a drum map, when drum lanes aren’t named they don’t show up in the project window.

I hope there’s a chance a few infobase entries can be doled out around these issues unless the current set is closed :frowning:


is a bug (28196)

Hi Chris

Any chance to look into the drum map issue as well or is it only relative to 5?

Thanks for being so thorough on taking account thus far.

Hi Gamelany,

This is a bug I created when redoing the part appearance for the Cubase 6 version. (for the technophiles - I forgot to change the signture of a method in all derived classes).

I am fixing it right now so it will appear correctly in the next available version.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

ok, thank you Dave for this information.

Wow wow wow… I am really impressed… I did say it in past, however I can’t resist but to repeat it again: THANK YOU so much Steinberg / admins / programmers / developers for this approach on this new forum! It is so nice that not only you do post comments to users’s issues & questions, you also seem to (be willing to) fix those ASAP, but reading comments like this where the programmer himself openly admits he made a mistake, explains the fault, fixes it right away and on top of that says “sorry” = all in all this brings SO MUCH fresh confidence to me - a longtime user - which leads to post like this.
I always liked Steinberg (using Cubase since ATARI days) although they had highs and lows, but from now I can (and will) spread the word and sincerely recommend (and defend) you as a platform to everybody around me…
Just wanted to say “I do appreciate” indeed.

Don’t overdo the praise :smiley:

We risk them thinking the job is done and then they run of back to the Steinberg Cave for the next few years. :wink: