BUG: Project Assistant - Edited Templates Don't Appear

Edited templates disappear from Project Assistant until Cubase is restarted.


  1. Start Cubase, with the project assistant set to open upon startup.
  2. Open one of your templates from the ‘More’ tab.
  3. Make some changes to this template, save the template overwriting the one you just opened.
  4. Close the project.
  5. File → New Project.
  6. Project Assistant will appear, but the template you just saved will not be available.

Suspect this may be a something that actually appeared in C5:

I had that in C5.5.2, trashed my prefs and it worked again.

Alternatively, have Mediabay rescan the folder the presets are stored in.


Just to check - when you trashed your prefs you could go through all of the above and the edited template would always be visible, without having to restart?

Or do you mean it went invisible, then after trashing your prefs it reappeared?

Same problem here !

Even with the Mediabay rescan the template doesn’t appear anymore !

Has anyone found a workaround ?