Improvising on a theme: Discussion and Music

What’s he/she like in bed?
Who’d be your Mr/Ms Right?

Well c’mon we, all make guesses … how they move, look, talk etc. It’s not that difficult to tell! For performance, I know who I want to work with before we even pick up instruments/demonstrate our platform skills. I double check with a bit of direct content, but my guesses have got increasingly accurate through time.

Just look at the forum member next to you … what do you reckon he/she’d be like when joining you in your improv - or more? How could he/she even better fit your personal preferances?

When on the ChoosoMuso dot com dating site, what’s on your Wish List? What’s on your 'Who am I Profile? What makes for a good or a crap lover? What are they ‘Like In Bed’?

Areas for Comparison:
Verbal - Discussion on a topic: We can see the topic, as we write our reply, constantly refer to the topic-title, and the host’s first post to guide our editing as we choose what to submit. We can attend, more loosely, to the host’s replies to us to gauge the extent of his 'OK’ness with our chops/posts. We can have our own ‘flavours’ or ‘structures’ which will, some more and some less necessarily, colour all our expressions, including our written words.
Music - Improv on a theme: We’ve been told the chord sequence and Key, and the starter’s guidelines. We can refer to this and glance over at the starter as we are playing so we know we are ‘on the right track’. We can have our own favourite riffs, modes, time-tricks etc.

I …
I want someone who will attend to the topic title/initially proposed theme and sensitive reading of the host’s intent, along with background assumptions concerning the host’s preferences … me the more I know the host, the more background ‘guesses’ I am willing to base my behaviours on, because I’ve got more history to with which to gauge them. Unless explicitly forbidden, I’ll wiggle a bit of middle-eastern into the proceedings.

I notice my own tendency is to try to include a solid contribution which adheres closely to the host’s title and intent. I’ve got my personal style and associations, but I try to end with close reference to the topic or theme, and bind my digressions together with reasons for relevance is. I want players who don’t leave a mess for the next poster or soloist.

Like in the cricket nets “This session, we’re focussing on spin-bowling”. Like at a camp for snooker/pool, host says “OK … just now, we want to focus on potting the Black/8-ball”. I’ll lurve people’s favourite trick-shots, it’s ‘nature’ to include and to appreciate them, but I like 'em to keep an eye on the pocket and pot the ball - even if with a jump-shot off three cushions.

… and You?

For me, the most important trait is humour. If you are laughing, you are NOT sad. This may mean a less than compliant mode of staying on topic. So if I can make someone laugh, or they can me laugh, that’s a large and important factor in whatever I am doing, be it here, when hanging with my muso pack, be it in my workplace, family, even in my head!

If I work with musicians, I prefer those who can laugh at themselves, egos checked at the door, along with the guns and ammunition.

Not that I won’t try to contribute sensible and meaningful comments to a topic either, but as I said to one of our members here recently, there is just too much trouble in the real world, to bring it here into the virtual. Ease up everyone, ease up.

But that’s just me… neither stuffy nor fluffy. :mrgreen:

My profile wouldn’t be lengthy, but maybe a bit complex. A basic description, some mysticism with maybe a quote or two, a decent amount of humour (and yes, some of it perverted). A quick summary on the way I see life.

Who am I?
A questioner. The government, the media, religion, politics… all are open to criticism and judgement from me.
A seeker. Who am I? What am I? Can I do this? Can I do this right? Where does my path (both physical and spiritual) lead me?
Carefully self-assured / passively egotistical. I’m d@mn good at what I do… now how can I back that up?

Someone who is not afraid to readily integrate the non-logical and non-scientific possibilities into my life. Flow of energy and current that not all people see. A witness of events to a forgone conclusion that not all can predict. A hobbyist wanderer into the paranormal…

Organized. My mind can not set priorities, goals and tasks. So I make sure the self can.
Humorous. Terrible telling jokes and terrible listening to them. But good with in-line conversation humor.

I am a listener. It takes time for me to understand another’s music on the deeper levels, which is essential for me to write a decent part for it. I love to collaborate if requested. I might write a piece of music, but I don’t feel I own it. I feel as if a piece of the uni(verse) was given to me that may need a little help in it’s composition.

Who’s my mates?..
Anyone who doesn’t wear a mask and live ignorantly through it. Genuine is a big word for me. The coupling of artistic and practical is huge. If someone can be both, then they have moved up the “respect” scale significantly in my eyes. Questioning… everything. The ability to motivate themselves.

Ego I never saw as a problem. Being able to put that ego where it is supposed to be is, however, important. I don’t define ego the same way as most though. I believe it only becomes a problem when joined with the “mask” aspect as described above.

My music mates get the gist of the idea from the songs I write. They have a natural tendency to improve the idea overall. They play as a team, but are not afraid to scream if it’s called for. I invite collaboration… not only in music.

[edited for spelling]

This in a forum is one of my essentials too… there is a lack of literacy in the English world these days, good on ya John! (to coin some Australian slang!). :wink:

I am pure, un-adulterated evil. :smiling_imp:

I’ve got enough H&H Red Stamp books saved to get my own cruise liner in Hell. You all have reservations as oarsmen on it. :smiling_imp: :smiling_imp:

The rest will be fed into the boilers. :smiling_imp: :smiling_imp: :smiling_imp:

You’d have to fight Charon for that domain. :stuck_out_tongue:

Nope, he’s down as the lead oarsman. :wink:

My ideal is 3’ tall, flat head to set the beer can on and handlebars growing out of her ears. :wink:

I was in a good band in the late 80’s, early 90’s when suddenly the drummer moved away.
We got a replacement who came highly recommended and was a friend of the guitarist, so we
took him in.
Well…it became apparent after a short time that while he did have some impressive chops - he was
a real powerhouse - he didn’t give a -damn- about the songs. It was obvious that he thought the song was
simply a vehicle for him to showcase his chops. He overplayed the sh1te outta the songs.We’d mentioned this to him in subtle ways - yet he remained convinced that what he was dong was adding something special to our sound.
Our input into his playing seemed to only make him more determined to show how freakin’ -good- he was.

The singer/keyboardist and I thought this from the outset, but it only took his friend, the guitarist, a few weeks
before he started ageeing with us - and after about 6 weeks he was axed from the band.
Luckily, this was a situation that could be resolved quickly by the bandmembers - we didn’t have to wait for some record exec to weigh in after a year or two and decide that this guy was a problem.
…and we replaced him with a guy who could -sing-! What are the chances of finding a drummer
who’s also a musician?! :mrgreen:

What was the question again? :wink:

Oh Mr Woo.

You forgot to make her toothless.

Nope, need something to open the beer bottles with. :wink:

Completely irrelevant post. My comments in the off topic thread.

Mike has put it behind him and got into pigeons again. Cooooooooo Coooooooooooooo


Thank you for your responses so far. I appreciate your efforts to share your M.O., safety criteria, and preferences. There’s already a wide and interesting spread. Among others, are: Humour, Peacefulness, Control, Security, Mysticism, Curiosity, No masks, Collaboration, Literacy, Unadulterated Evil, Functional, Empathy, Sensitivity to feedback.

These are ‘skims’ - the original posts are richer. Some of these qualities cluster together, and some seem to be incompatible, yet all co-exist.

My first thought is that what makes for a good or a crap lover depends on what a person actually Wants, and, as we see in the posts above, there is an infinity of different wants. Handlebars need to be adjustable, and teeth strong.

Even one person at different times. If I look in the mirror, and then through history, I notice that my own want in these areas … discussion, music, lovers, has changed a lot.

Did any of you want, back there then, differently, or different stuff? What kind of a band or discussion would you have wanted to be ‘in bed with’ 20 years ago? How similar/different is that from what you’d want today. Whem exploring this, John’s value of 'readily integrat[ing] the non-logical and non-scientific possibilities … " strikes me as being important to do.

Lenny’s old bassist and Steve’s general ‘dominator’ … I extrapolate what they’d be like, whether on a forum, in a band, or in bed, and shudder!

Been a long day … loads of rehearsing for a funeral I am singing at.
Got home recently. Ate food. Bed soon. Sentence fragments. Illiterate … sorry Robin!

I look forward to further developments and …
Thank you again, and best wishes

I’ll go along with that.

Start 'em young

mashedmitten wrote

I am pure, un-adulterated evil. > :smiling_imp:

I’ve got enough H&H Red Stamp books saved to get my own cruise liner in Hell. You all have reservations as oarsmen on it. > :smiling_imp: > > :smiling_imp:

The rest will be fed into the boilers. > :smiling_imp: > > :smiling_imp: > > :smiling_imp:

And you’ve got such a nice nickname… :laughing: