(BUG REPORT) Incorrectly displayed inserts in the inspector and lower zone.

Cubase Pro 9.5, W10

Hi and welcome,

This is an known issue (on some systems, seams to be Win only) of C9.5.

No - its Mac too.

Same issue on Mac for me.


Can you reproduce it with Cubase 9.5.10 too?

Still an issue in 9.5.10 (Mac OS).

Here still on 9.5.10 on Windows 10, though not on new Projects, only on previously worked on ones.

Are these a projects you already opened with C9.5.0 so they were stored with this bug?

Or are these even a projects you created in C9.0 and never opened in C9.5?

Not sure if this was directed at me or not, Martin but in case it was, here’s my answer:

It appears to have been on Projects that were worked on and saved in 9.5 and then opened in 9.5.10. Windows 10 only, I didn’t see it on Win 7.
Also upon re-saving the projects with 9.5.10 and then opening them again the issue has disappeared, I have noticed today.

It has not appeared on any new projects created in 9.5.10 or projects created on earlier versions and then edited in 9.5.10.

Hope this is clear.

Just opened some projects from version 8.5 in 9.5.10. Issue seems ok here for what it’s worth

If you save the projects, close everything down and then re-open the project is it still an issue?

Just asking as this solved it for me on Win 10.

Confirmed the bug is still not fixed. If you resize (i.e. widen or narrow) the channels in the lower zone, whilst in ‘fader view’ mode, the inserts get truncated. The issue doens’t happen if you resize when in ‘insert view’ mode first. Once it truncates you can’t get back to normality. This is becoming a bit of a showstopper for me. Its a major PITA.

Re-saving doesn’t make any difference on my set up.

Also the issue is present on new projects/templates built only on 9.5.


This shouldn’t happen anymore in a project created in Cubase 9.5.10.

If you have an older project(s) where this happened, do following to fix it in the project, please:

  1. Open MixConsole.
  2. In the MixConsole window Zoom In Horizontally to the maximum.
  3. Save the project.
  4. Close the project and reopen it.
  5. Now you can Zoom Out and everything should works as expected.

Thanks Martin - worked a treat :slight_smile:

Spoke too soon. Went back into my project a second time and the truncated inserts are back :frowning:


Could you try to Backup Project instead of save, please? I.e. open MixConsole, Zoom In, Backup project, close project, open from the backup one.

Thanks Martin - still no joy I’m afraid. Same result when I launch the backup project.

I tried launching one of the standard templates which ship with Cubase. Interestingly I get the same results so maybe not project related?