[Bug?] Selecting Midi Patch Names

I am using several script files to select patches/presets for midi synths and external effects.

In all cases, when choosing a patch name from a dropdown list in the Inspector, the correct patch on a device is selected.

However, if I save the project, exit Nuendo, relaunch Nuendo and open the same project, while the project is loading (in some cases) different patches are selected for those devices.

Sometimes a patch name is displayed for a particular device that is not in the script file for that device.

In some cases, the wrong patch name is preceeded by the word ‘Temp’ in the Inspector. For example, the name ‘Temp Flange / Dly’ appears in the Program Selector in the Inspector, but neither ‘Temp Flange / Dly’ nor ‘Flange / Dly’ is present in any of the .txt script files in my Patchnames folder.

If I then go and manually select the correct patches again in the Inspector everything works correctly.

These issues occur with devices set up as External Effects and External Instruments.

The problem with this is that when working on several Projects at the same time that send patch change messages to external devices, every patch name has to be manually remembered and re-selected as each project is loaded!

Are script files stored somewhere other than the \Scripts\Patchname folder?

Is this a known bug?

Can anyone repro?


Patch selection is a basic function that should just work.

Could somebody from Steinberg please confirm that this issue is being looked at?