[BUG]: Tapemachine monitoring mutes track during mixdown

See this Cubase thread.


It’s very easy to get bitten and find a track missing after a bounce, especially when doing faster-than-realtime bounces.

Pro Tools specifically won’t let you bounce to disk if any tracks are in input or record enabled. Would be nice if Nuendo would do something similar and help a guy out.


A warning might be nice - perhaps for now you can do like me and make use of the project logical editor and macros to make a KC which first disables the rec or input enabled status of any such tracks in the entire session and then opens the export dialogue.

The PLE plus macros can be pretty powerful for ‘building’ your own functions like this :slight_smile: The steinberg apologist in me says this is why I still prefer to mix in Nuendo! Haha :wink:

Very old issue… Hope it will be sorted out.

Disappointing to hear it’s a very old issue. So why would it get fixed any time soon, then?

Sam, good suggestion about the macros. Maybe Steinberg should open source the whole thing and we’ll build all the functions we need!


It’s very old, because it’s not showstopper, I guess… Of course this is not convenient and can cause troubles for new person, but as soon as you aware if this feature, you will not trap into that again…

Also, this problem can be easily solved by Project Logical Editor combined with macro.

Create PLE preset like this
, name it and then create macro like this:
export mon.jpg

Perfect. Thanks.

I like that you called it a “feature”! Now featuring lost time, lower productivity and missing tracks in your mixdown!


PS - Even knowing about it, I will get bit in the future. There’s enough to keep track of without juggling details that the application could easily handle.

I called it feature because of my poor English :slight_smile:. I mean something specific …


In the slightly older days, before external instruments, the ability to mixdown (in realtime) with monitoring ON was great. You could mixdown your mix, without having to track in the external synths and samplers. (I used to run 3 fully loaded Akai S5000’s via a total of 6 ADAT lighpipes, plus about 4 other external devices on another bunch of lightpipes).

So the monitoring “stickiness” really was a “feature” back then. Imagine tracking all those instruments and then deciding to change the tempo!

And yet I mentally invented (and dreamed) about External Instruments (with auto compensating and permanent monitoring). The someone at SB had the same dream and external instruments are now the “norm”. Too late in a way, as plugins and LAN audio have taken over.

All this, of course, makes/made sense back then, only for a realtime mixdown. I take the point that you want it to auto switch out for a non-realtime mixdown.

Anyway - it’s not exactly “ancient” history, but sufficiently long ago for the logic of it to be forgotten. Also, it keeps you on your toes! (ie always check back a mixdown). (I am showing my age here…)