Bug: VariAudio content/Audio Editor window strangeness

  1. Select an audio event and double-click to open in (pop-out) audio editor
  2. Adjust the screen/window area to display as e.g. a half size (basically, anything that’s not full-screen)
  3. Perform VariAudio detection. See the results (notes/squares data) are in view
  4. Hover and click-drag up or down the lower edge of the window, to re-size. All good; note the content of window stays in view
  5. Click another menu heading from Left-hand pane - I chose ‘Hitpoints’. This is just to de-select VariAudio results from focus.
  6. Go back and click on the VariAudio menu to open it (do not click ‘Edit VariAudio’ button) and now try to perform item 4 again. Notice a very different behaviour as you attempt to re-size the window. Data scrolls endlessly downwards out of view, no matter if you re-size the window up or down (smaller/larger)

C12 - Audio editor window strangeness

No big deal of course; just a little clumsy. And would be nice for that panel of menu items at left be scrollable when you’ve more than one open at the same time and the window size is small…

System Info in sig

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Tested in v12.0.40 - still the same

(Reported elsewhere by @Louis_R - BUG : VariAudio vertically scrolls on its own when resizing the Editor window - Cubase - Steinberg Forums

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No way :joy: You have actually found this bug way before me, when Cubase 12 was just released !
It’s hard to believe that five months later it still hasn’t been fixed.

(Please can some moderators merge the topics ? @steve @Romantique_Tp Thanks in advance :kissing_heart:)

Hey ho.! No biggie… Be nice if topics were merged to keep things tidy… :smile:


There is a issue where, under certain circumstances, the VariAudio view would vertically scroll on its own when resizing the Editor window.
The issue occurs with both the Lower Zone Editor and the External Editor.

Reproduction sequence :

  • Open the Lower Zone Editor,
  • Select an Audio Event,
  • In the Editor, open the VariAudio tab,
  • Click the Edit VariAudio button to analyze the audio,
  • Close the VariAudio tab to exit the Edit mode,
  • Open the VariAudio tab,
  • Grab either the top or the bottom of the Editor window and slowly resize it. (the direction does not matter)
  • Result : The Editor scrolls up on its own during the process.
    (while in that state, you can scroll down again and resize as long as you want for maximum entertainment.)

Additional information :

  • The issue will only occur once the Audio has been analyzed.
  • The issue does not occur when VariAudio is in Edit mode, it only occurs when it is out of Edit mode (grayed notes),
  • The issue does not occur when we resize the Editor window from its sides,
  • The issue also occurs when adjusting the piano roll height with its slider at the bottom right of the Editor.

Added to the issues list, number 32.

What is it with C12 and the VariAudio scrolling?? Was never a problem before, was it?

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I don’t know, but the more I try to troubleshoot some issues, the more bugs I stumble on.
It just never ends :laughing:

Did you manage to reproduce the issue ?

Yep, I just tried it. Weird one. Bit of an edge case, though, I mean, you have to jump through some hoops to reproduce it :wink: It is a bug for sure, but not one I personally I’ll be bothered by… Still much more annoyed about the vanishing left zone in the audio editor when in definition mode.

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Ok, thanks for the ‘merge’ of topic threads (whoever did that).

But why is the ‘Solution’ box now checked all of a sudden.? The issue as reported is not solved… Is it a forum glitch/quirk perhaps.? Nowhere is it highlighted in green (like other ‘Solution’ checked answers sometimes appear)…

This bug is still there in 12.0.50 :laughing: