[WIKI] [Cubase 12.0.20] Issues and Feature Requests -- user editable

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This Wiki was created in order to inventory the issues present in the current version of Cubase, and to help make them visible to everyone, and especially, developers.
There is also a section dedicated to feature requests.

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As a Wiki, everyone can edit this post to add new entries, and eventually modify existing ones, for example if you are experiencing an issue on a different OS than the one already indicated, just add it to the corresponding issue.

The main goal of this Wiki is to have a lot of users to test the listed issues, and confirm when the issue has been reproduced successfully.
However, if you want to confirm or comment on a particular issue or feature request, please follow the links and do that on the corresponding topics, not on the Wiki.

Important :

  • Please avoid adding issues that are already known to the developers, in particular performance related and other sporadic issues. To prevent this, use the Search functionality.

  • Instead, prefer posting very specific issues that anyone can easily reproduce by following precise steps. The issue should not take more than a few minutes to reproduce.

  • Do not add issues related to your own configuration, drivers, or anything external to Cubase.

  • You cannot reply to this post. If you want to add or update an issue, edit this post directly.

Before making any editing, I highly recommend to learn about Markdown and HTML syntax, although here it is quite basic. Just follow the same layout.

Good bug testing !


Issue # Fixed Severity OS Description and Link
1 NO Major Windows Splitting an Audio Event before its Snap Point makes the newly created Events to have their Snap Points at the end.
Link : Splitting before Snap Points issue
2 NO Major Windows Toggling Musical Mode on Events whose Snap Points are at the end makes them move away from their original position.
Link : Musical Mode : Snap Point offset issue
3 NO Major Windows Using real-time Pitch or Time processing leads to processing inconsistencies between two identical audio files.
Link : Phase/Processing issue with Transpose, Time stretching and AudioWarp
4 NO Major Windows Using Mute/Solo on a Midi Track that have Arpache 5 or Arpache SX as midi insert causes the arpeggiator to lose sync and play unwanted notes for a brief instant.
Link : Arpache loses sync when using Mute/Solo
5 NO Major Windows In Frequency, tweaking bands Gain when Auto Listen is enabled causes a long delay before hearing the actual gain change.
Link : Frequency : Auto Listen, Gain change delay
6 NO Minor Windows In Frequency, the dynamic Start curve isn’t properly removed from the graph when the Dynamics section is disabled.
Link : Frequency : Dynamics Start curve visual bug
7 NO Minor Windows Hiding channels that are snapped to the left and right zones of the Lower Zone MixConsole does not hide those channels
Link : Cannot hide pinned channels in Lower Zone MixConsole (the post is from 2018…)
8 NO Minor Mac only Interpolate Audio Waveforms is locked to the enabled state even when the box is not ticked.
Link : Interpolate Audio Waveforms cannot be disabled
9 NO Minor Windows When Interpolate Audio Waveforms is enabled, manipulating the Lower Zone Editor makes the waveform lose its smooth state and causes performance issues when zooming on trimmed parts.
Link : Smooth Waveform Drawing isn’t stable in the Lower Zone Editor
10 NO Minor Windows Scrolling vertically with the mouse wheel in the VariAudio Window is massively slower compared to C11 or the MIDI editor in C12
Link : Scrolling in VariAudio is broken/slower
11 NO Minor Windows Sample Editor Inspector has to be re-opened every time when opening the Sample Editor Window when “Definition” Tab is active.
Link : Issues with Sample Editor

Feature Requests

Request # Added Description and Link
1 NO Add a setting to enable short audio fades when hitting Play and Stop to remove the clicks.
Link : Playback automatic fades
2 NO Adjust the anti-aliasing threshold of the new Smooth waveform drawing so the silent parts (perfect silence) do not become thicker.
Link : Smooth waveform drawing makes silence lines thick
3 NO Allow click and drag reordering of tracks in console view.
Link : How to change the order of tracks in the mixer
4 NO Using the mouse wheel to scroll through the MixConsole no longer change parameter values when the pointer is hovering over controls.
Link : Mouse wheel navigation in MixConsole