Bug with CC curves

There some tracks where drawing a CC curve with the new Cubase 11 ramp tool works. But some others where it does not.

I made a video. The curve of CC11 is not read. Only the points. And the displayed value is frozen at 0.


Do you mean the MIDI CC11 in this case?

Would you be willing to share a snipped of the project (only this track, this one MIDI Part), please? I can’t reproduce it here on my side so far. Thank you.

Yes MIDI CC11. The VST loaded is Kontakt. Strangely if I replace the VST by another one like Dune, it works.


Hi. I downloaded the project and am experiencing the issue you have discovered.

I have experimented a bit. If you duplicate your instrument
track it breaks kontakt on my end. The volume and pan controls go haywire on the original and the duplicate.

Interestingly if I make a kontakt instrument in this project and manually recreate your two notes and cc data with kontakt and SSS violin 1 legatos it works fine and the controllers move monthly on the ramp.

What version of kontakt are you using?

Kontakt 6. I am not at the studio so cannot tell about the exact version. Some Kontakt libraries work while some other do not.

So you also experienced that there is a bug?


I can also reproduce it here with the attached file. Reported to Steinberg CAN-32769. Thank you.


The problem is, the track’s channel is set to Any. The Ramps/Curves of MIDI CCs are not supported in this case.

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Is this going to change?

I tried by setting a midi channel. It was the same


The MIDI Channel on the track, directly? Could you add a screenshot, please?


I had the same issue, and what is said above is true but imcomplete in my case.

Changing the MIDI channel of the instrument track from ANY to 1 will allow newly created MIDI parts to use ramps, but not existing ones. Is it intended, or a bug, or because it’s a project created in a previous version of Cubase, I have no idea.

So for the record, and for people who might bump later on this issue, you need to change the MIDI channel, duplicate your MIDI parts, then remove the old ones. That’s the only way it would work in my project.

Hope this helps!


Reported to Steinberg. Thank you.