Bug with layout: lyrics / hidden staves?

Compare these two screenshots: when the lyrics extension for the syllable “nu” in the bass part goes to the end of the melisma, layout forces the bass staff to be shown until the next entrance.

When the extension line is removed, bass staff is again hidden.

This seems like a bug; is it?

This can happen when lyrics “think” they extend longer than you intend. It’s a known issue, whether or not it constitutes a “bug” is beyond my authority though!

Probably OT, but I certainly would never cut sal-aud, but sa-laud… What do you think?
This bug is quite surprising to me: I deal with vocal parts all the time, and never encountered it. I wonder what’s really causing it — as is, without the extension line, the engraving is faulty, and I don’t recall having empty staves not hiding because of an extension line…

c’est salaud, Marc… no, I appreciate it, as I am not a native French speaker!

of course this is a very minor issue, but surprising, so I wanted to signal it to the Dorico team!

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My go-to thread about this is this one from last year.
I have encountered the problem many times now.

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There is, of course, also the option of manual staff visibility overrides at system breaks; no dummy notes required.