Lyrics prevents hiding of empty staves

Hi everybody,

I have the problem, that lyrics that are spanned across several notes using the space bar prevent the following emtpy staff from hiding altough “hide empty staves - all systems” is activated in layout options.

The behaviour is the same in Dorico 3.5 and Dorico 4.

Please see the screenshot and the attached dorico projects.

Can any one give me a clue what’s wrong here?

dorico4_hide_empty_stave_problem.dorico (1.0 MB)
dorico35_hide_empty_stave_problem.dorico (906.0 KB)

The problem is almost certainly because the lyric extension line in Voice 2 is actually as long as in Voice 1, but Dorico logically stops drawing it where the notes stop. If you select “Ah” in Voice 2, hit Return, and Space again to reset the extent of the line to match the slur, the staff should then hide properly later on.

Unfortunately that’s not the case. As soon as I reach the end of the slur by hitting space, the empty staff appears again. Try yourself…

Ah. My diagnosis was right but my method of solving it was wrong.

  • Put a dummy note on the downbeat of the first empty bar in Voice 2
  • Then re-extend your line, and delete the dummy note

Now the line is truly the correct length. Otherwise Dorico automatically extends it to the next note in that staff, even if invisibly. This seems like a bug to me. I was bitten by it in the first professional project I did with Dorico.

Daniel, an idea: What if Dorico would automatically truncate lyric extensions in the same way as slurs do, to match the notes?

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Thanks @Mark_Johnson for this workaround.
@dspreadbury : Perhaps Steinberg can fix this behavior in the future.