Bug: Working in midi editor with record enabled can cause wrong notes to play back

When recording notes or editing notes in the midi key editor and the track is record-enabled, the playback randomly drops the pitch of the instrument by about 2 semitones. I noticed this in both Kontakt 5 and Kontakt 6 player, but believe it was also happening with other VST instruments as well. Removing the instrument and re-adding it doesn’t always correct the issue - sometimes I will have to restart Cubase for the issue to resolve itself.

Fresh install of Mac OSX Mohave with 10.0.20 update (just did a fresh install this week)

If the track is not record-enabled, I haven’t yet noticed the issue. Playback stays consistent.

There’s something going on in your setup. Any more info to relate?

Quick update: It did it again and this time there was no midi record enabled. I’m manually drawing in notes on the bottom portion of the screen within the midi key editor and all of a sudden, the midi track that I have soloed and am working on is being played a full step down. The midi notes themselves do not change in the project when this happens; in fact, when I hit save and then close Cubase and reopen it, everything is back to normal. So it’s not even something within the project because I can save the project and reopen and it’s fine…until it happens again.
The project is 44.1 and I have 32-bit float enabled for audio files but only had one audio file which was imported from an older Cubase project. That file was being time-stretched via musical mode to the new project tempo but is muted (old project tempo was 118bpm and the new project is 120bpm). I also had a few midi tracks imported from that same older session by way of File–>Import–>Tracks from Project. The audio file wasn’t in use and the other midi tracks are muted with no VST instruments assigned to them at this point.
I have removed the one audio file and will report back to see if anything changes. It could be a bug with the musical mode time-stretching that one audio file, even when it’s not in use, or it could be caused by the importing of project data. Will report back soon…

A friend sent me this link where this user is having the exact same problem:


I suppose I can try it but I think it’s strange how I didn’t have this issue in Cubase 8.5 (just upgraded to 10 because of Mohave, otherwise I would have stayed with 8.5)