Burning an Audio CD in W7 Elements

I am new to Wavelab Elements and am having trouble at the first hurdle. Having looked through the manual, tried the Help facility, and even looked at a YouTube video I cannot seem to get started. What I want to do is to simply burn some .wav tracks (recorded in Cubase) to an audio CD using the facilities of W7. I manage to get the CD Window in Audio Montage, but it does not accept .wav files. Maybe there is another way?

Can someone please get me started here, I guess I am missing something obvious!

Drag and drop you wav files inside the montage. Each one will be a CD Track.

Thanks, but that does not work either. I have opened Audio Montage from the Global menu, then I drag a .wav file over to both the top box (marked CD select) and the bottom area (which is grey), but either way it does not allow me to drop it.

Is this the standard way that Wavelab operates in order to burn an audio CD? Seems like hard work, and I would have thought it should be a simple list, as per my old Roxio program. On the YouTube video it shows a CD Window, (and indeed it mentions it in the manual) but I cannot see how to do it (maybe that’s only in the full version?).

In Utilities, there is a Data CD window into which I can drag and drop .wav files, but that’s data I guess. Also, I cannot see anywhere that you can select the gap between tracks, or determine the relative levels. I guess I am still not getting it!


have you tried right clicking on the track of the Montage to insert the file? You can Browse, or use one from the waveforms editor.
Then it appears in the CD list as well.

look it up in the manual…oops…there is no manual.

I just go to the files menu and drag a file to the montage window and then another then another then set the gaps between them add fades and click the burn cd icon…now that icon is hard to find. Once the files are lined up in the order I want I then do all the editing. That is why the cd is made from the montage instead of a list.

…unless you are trying to insert a mono file in a stereo track or viceversa: that won’t work, channels in file and track must match!

Thanks guys, but I’m not there at all.

markino : I was able to right click, get the command “Insert Audio File(s)”, up came Explorer, went to the correct drive, saw my files, but they would not drag and drop. I tried clicking Open and one dropped. So far, so good. I opened a new track and did another. I then tried to open a third track, but I got the messsage “audio tracks limited to 2”. So no good there, and I assume that what I did cannot be the method! And I am only using stereo files on stereo tracks.

wizardofice : as I said, I cannot drag a file to the window. I still cannot see how to get the CD list anyway!

On the YouTube video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aj8k7rFhNgc it looks easy, but I cannot do what the guy does. For a start I cannot get the CD window up the way he does. Maybe the full version is different?

I do have a pdf manual, but I really cannot find a simple list of instructions on how to do this. The manual is pretty much a reference manual anyway rather than a how to do. (Actually it does have a few How do I pages, but none of them are on what I would have assumed was a fundamental - that of burning an audio CD!). I guess I’m being dumb because I would have thought the process was as easy as any normal Audio CD burning program.

Can anyone point me to a simple step-by-step list that could help me please?

Use only one track to load all the files, then set the gap between files (usually 1, 2 sec.). there’s a specific icon to set this. Elements is limited to two tracks, no way to change that!

To get the CD window up, grab it in its frame and move it upward, wait a sec till there’s the space to drop it!
To open the CD window you can right-click the Menu bar anywhere and select CD.

These numbers refer to the screenshot below, and operation should be performed in this order after the files are loaded in the track:

3_ Set the gap between tracks
2_Check if the list is valid before burning
1_Perform burning of CD
4_Add text (before burning!)

Feel free to ask.

I did try to open more files and put them in the same track, but they just pile on top of one another. That cannot be right, can it? Maybe there is a way to separate them, but the easiest way would be in a list, wouldn’t it. The guy in the video seems to do it like that.

When I say I cannot get the CD Window up, I mean I have no idea where the CD Window is. Where can I find the menu that allows me to open a CD Window? In the video, the user right clicks on the top of the screen and gets a menu that includes the CD window. I try that and the menu is much shorter and does not have CD Window in it.

I believe in messing around a couple of days ago I actually got a CD Window (though it may have been a data CD window). I could drag and drop files into it, but they would only stay in alphabetical order and I could not change them around like the guy in the video can do.

It’s getting late now anyway (I’m in the UK) so I will have another go tomorrow. If the meantime, if anyone can point me to a step by step of how to burn an audio CD, or maybe tell me why I cannot do what the guy in the video is doing, then that would be great! Thanks.

Did you see my post and PM? Again, to open the CD window right-click in the menu bar, anywhere and select CD! :wink:

OK, thanks to those instructions I am almost there! (The reason I could not see the CD menu was that I was not in Montage!).

However, I now have a new problem. Fades have been inserted in the tracks. Unless I activated something of which I am unaware I do not know how these came about. I note there is some sort of facility for default fades modes drop-down, but I did not activate this.

How can I delete these fades and how did they happen?

crossfades are there because your files are layered, I don’t think you want that. See the picture, that icon with red arrow is for automatic crossfades.

but I do not think your intention is to layer your files, use the icon on the other screenshot (#3) to set the gap!

Marco, OK, I have unclicked the automatic crossfades. I did not click it in the first place, so maybe that is in preferences? I had set gaps of 2 seconds using the Pause column - is that what you mean?

Anyway, the fades are still there, so how do I delete them?

Yes, autofade is by default on, and if you use the icon with the BLU arrow in this screenshot the gaps between each file will be set at once!

Good job :slight_smile:

I had already set the gaps to 2s by using the Pause section of the CD window. Clicking on the “adjust pauses” button and setting the gaps to 2s actually changes 2 of them to 2s13ms, so that does not achieve anything, and it does not get rid of the fades!

I’m still stuck though. How can I delete the Fades?

Could you please post a screenshot of your montage?

Are you trying to burn a CD with separate files, or layered files?

Normally one burns separate files, in this case there’s no layers, so no crossfades.

I’m just trying to burn a number of songs (which are wavfiles) to a CD. They of course should all be separate. I don’t even know what a “layered file” is!

When there’s a crossfade, two files are occupying the same “space”, one on top the other (this is not the case).

to remove the (cross)-fade, drag the point with the red arrow here:

OK thanks. I’ll try that. I understand what a crossfade is, but all of the tracks are separated as you can see, so there should be no crossfades! Remember that I did not deliberately insert any fades. Maybe a problem with Wavelab or am I missing something?

You just need to practice a bit, it always happens when dealing with a new program. You will discover how many things Wavelab can do!

My best :wink: