busy mix most plugins will no longer load

Just loaded a project to Run a mix tweak for a band and 30% of the plugins didnt reload and wont instantiate when I try. That includes UAD Plate 140, Relab 480, Lexicon PCM Hall, thats outside the UAD and Waves parameter… I can load Reverence and Revelation though…

Presonus have published a statement that may have some bearing on this.


This is very frustating… And how can we work with this !

Somebody find a solution for this ? :frowning:

A little bump on this cause it’s the most frustating thing I’ve with Cubase even with the empty project with just 24 audio track (empty) try to load plugs (UAD/Slate/Soundtoys/lexicon/waves/etc…) and after 25 or 30 plugins some refuse to load whatever the manufacturere was !

So any comment ? solution ? or I have to reinstal all… Windows 10 etc… puffffffffffffff…

Woah! Thats a major foopa! Sounds like Steinberg and Presonus need to find a workaround to that limitation or have some discussions with Microsoft. I imagine Avid dont give a toss considering its all OSX with them

Although possible the Major plugin manufacturers could get on board

Plugins manufacturers will also need to look at this, indeed.
We can’t speculate much, our engineers are still investigating on the reasons behind the increased reports about this behaviour. It’s quite likely that Steinberg engineers (perhaps along with other vendors) will reach out to MS.

yes I think is Something for MS, I don’t know what but they change Something, my system wotking perfectly and till 3 or 4 weeks even on empty project I’ve got this veryyyyyyyy annoying problems… can’t do anymore mixing… 3 project to finish… Perhaps I’m gonna close the studio and going to holidays… crazy men…
I’ve contacted Steinberg (Georges Boboe) and he tell me that he send it to the development team… cross finger…even if you have just a little fix please give me…

When it happens on my system generally I can still run Steinberg plugins to continue the mix. Is this the case with you? Do Steinberg plugins rely less on creating more and more .dll loads in the C sub-system?

Is there a tool where you can see how many .dll libraries are called/ loaded in Windows at any time?

I have a hunch that there is more than a single issue here…the max dll thing is surely still allowing quite a lot of plugs before it fails?? After all, even the thread title is specifically saying “in busy projects”.

So if you already have issues after 25 or 30 plugs I think there is something else going on and my spidey sense says UAD is playing a big part in this as 95% of complaints I see are from UAD users …can you force the error after such a small number of plugs without any UAD…do you hit the problem at any point without UAD?

You may be right but I’ve seen UAD, Waves, Fab Filter, Lexicon PCM and Relab to name a few not load for me

Did you ever try with no UAD at all and still hit the limit??

Did you ever try with no UAD at all and still hit the limit??

yes I try with only “native” plugins same thing… :frowning:

Same as in only 25 or 30 plugs like you said before? I don’t think I’ve heard anyone else have the problem with so few plugs…that must be a real nightmare for you :frowning:

Actually I just realised we spoke already over at GS on a thread about this…did you try the Waves bug fix I posted.
You asked for it but didn’t respond after I posted it.
This does sound more like the Waves bug with so few instances hitting the limit.

I try some change on graphic and use cubase as administrator etc… will tell you after…
thank you for your help

So now I know the problem but not the solution, let me explain :

I use 168 plugins (for now) in a project (UAD/Slate Digital/Exponential Audio/Soundtoys/Plugin Alliance/Klanghelm/Kush Audio/etc…) and I cannot load plugin that not already loaded in my project, for example Lexicon PCM that I don’t use in this project, or other Soundtoys (I use Decapitator & DevilLoc but cannot load Echoboy)… But if I want load let say UAD API Vision Channel Strip that been already loaded for my drum tracks, I can, no problem, same thing for Manley VoxBox that I use for the Vocal tracks and same thing for the native plugs used in this project…
So I don’t understand what’s goin on… if someone have a idea ? :open_mouth: :cry:

PS : I have made a reinstall of Cubase and UAD and some other things…

Re-installing won’t help here I’m afraid. However, 168 is a pretty low amount of plug-ins, your case might be useful to narrow it down to a certain redistributable, framework or compiler - during a fairly recent test I loaded roughly 260 instances, but I recall testing on even bigger projects on that very same machine (Win 8.1).

Thank you for the update, I will forward the info.

I’ve run into the issue on mildly busy projects and very busy ones. On some mixes where I had plugins loaded an even worse thing is that recently when I went back to make mix tweaks as instructed by the band a lot of the plugins that did originally load would not re-load when project re-opened. I ended up replacing what was say Altiverb with Reverence. Reverence and any Steinberg plugin seems to load ok when this happens in my experience.

Is it a memory issue. Some folks here have pointed to Graphics. Is there a limit being hit on graphics cards with user interface items preventing plugin load?

I can supply Steinberg with a few projects that were consistently causing me issues if required

Hi, I’m new here but would like to jump in on this as well, i have the same problem occuring over here :frowning:. Its really frustrating. I had this problem long before i even brought my UAD Satalitte… Difference was they were big projects, cpu on 75% plus, 100’s of vst’s… Since buying and using the UAD products this problem occours every project pretty quickly, sometimes not even 15% cpu! I personally think its a delay compensation problem and Cubase can’t keep up with massive delays that come with multiple UAD instances… Like i said before i had this problem before i had any UAD so in my opinion thats not the issue. The issue is their massive delay times. The more vst’s you add with massive delay compensation the quicker the problem occurs… One other thing, if i remove a heavy UAD or other plugin i can then add another plugin that i couldn’t load before i removed said plugin. Surely i’m hitting a wall here? Would love some input please Steinberg. Many thanks. Ben :slight_smile: