C10 / Kontakt crash

I posted the details of the problem over in the Issues area:

When futzing with DrumLab in Kontakt in C10 - I get a crash and a corrupted project.
This happens using Kontakt 6 and Kontakt 5, doesn’t matter.

In C9.5, if I open this same project (created in C10) … the project doesn’t crash.

Anyone having similar experience with Kontakt, C10, or another plugin?
The program just quits. Then I have to revert to a backup.

I have had a similar problem when deleting a Kontakt Instrument track, just quits, no save or crash log. Hasn’t happened recently and I now save before deleting an instrument track and it appears to solve the problem.

A fellow suggested that the crash for me is caused by Kontakt itself. Yet it doesn’t crash in C9.5.
It’s hard for me to understand why that would be a Kontakt problem.

I presume your program crashes due to Kontakt don’t occur in 9.5 either(?)

Are you saying that saving is fixing your problem, or working around the problem? It doesn’t crash after you save first and then delete? And if it does crash, isn’t the Kontakt track still there?

Did a whole day long project using lots of kontakt 5 (cinematic studio strings) and had no issues.

I had pressed play on the DrumLab instrument’s built-in midi groove player. And simultaneously changed the drum kit samples. That’s when the error occurs. And it corrupts the CPR

I always Render my instrument tracks and then delete the VST instrument from the midi track in this case Kontakt. For some strange reason sometimes when I do this it can crash. No warnings Cubase just disappears off the screen and no crash log either. I find generally that after rendering the track if I save the project, un-mute the midi instrument track then delete the instrument it does not crash. Works for me.

Interesting. Unmute… Well I hope that some programmer at Steinberg is looking into this stuff. I’ve never really experienced a corrupt project, maybe like once or twice in the past.

After 3 years without issues kontakt start crashing cubase 10.5???If i load an instrument track with kontakt, cubase crash…If i open an older project where the kontakt inside,project does not open…At stand alone kontakt it is working right.Does anyone have the same problem?Please help…