C10 - Still Scanning Media Bay on Every Startup

This has been a problem for a few versions now, every time I boot up Cubase it goes through the laborious process of scanning the Media Bay all over again.

It wouldn’t be so bad if it was quick about it, but it takes a ludicrously long time, up to 5 minutes - which can’t be right.

My main DAW is a Mac, but I noticed on a friend’s PC version of Cubase he didn’t have the same problem, so is it Mac specific?

If anyone has found a way to solve this I’d be very grateful.

Doesn’t happen on my Imac, Jon

This issue has also annoyed me a long time, but since C10 its gone.

I’ve tried everything to make it stop (or speed up), but nothing works.

It doesn’t rescan my audio files, but it rescans all of the ‘VST3 Presets’ in every location before it’s done, which takes absolutely ages even though there isn’t many of them.

Deselecting the offending folders doesn’t work, as it just selects them again on startup.

Slight update, digging a bit deeper, it looks like Media Bay may be tripping up when it comes across ‘foreign’ preset formats.

It takes a very long time to get through the UHE presets (for Hive, Diva, Zebra) - which are in ‘h2p’ format, and also stumbles when it comes across native Fabfilter presets and ‘aupresets’ - used by Logic and Studio One.

So I assume because it can’t index them properly, it keeps going through them again and again, whereas it should just ignore file formats it can’t read.

Does this mean the ‘Scan Unknown File Types’ option isn’t working?

Wondered how long it would be for this ‘by design’ feature to appear in version 10.

Seriously, this goes back to version 7. Cubase 6.0.7 was the last version where this was not an issue at all. (some have always said it never did it on their system…so much for the ‘by design’ statement.

Steinberg officially stated it was ‘by design’. Which is nonsense.

Lets go back in time and refresh the memory:


Older posts regarding this going back to 2014 have dissapeared.

Just started hanging on opening projects.

Gets stuck at the scanning VST3 plugins.
Get some luck by killing in task manager but I have found that after some updates letting it sit for long periods of time it’ll sort itself out.

But it’s 2019 fellas…holy manchild!
Your new Steinaha slogan may become:
1 update forward, 2 updates back.

Thats right. The re-scan automatically selects folders that the user purposely wants left unchecked…for very good reasons such as opening a VST preset, and only seeing what you intend to see instead of every preset, plus factory preset,s created since the beginning of time.

For anyone who says The Auto-scan is not starting when opening Cubase, please uncheck any folders inside your USER folder. Close Cubase. Re-open Cubase.

If those folders are still unchecked…then I definitely want to PM you!

This issue is very well known for years. There has never been an answer as to why they changed it.
One moderator did say in that thread “its by design” but when asked never replied. I have asked other Steinberg employees and they agree, it’s not by design.
Perhaps a PM to Joerg would help since he is aware of this problem. It’s really two issues, the Auto-scan with no preference to turn it off, and the resulting damage of checking boxes that the user has purposely left unchecked.

Yes yes and yes…

Looks like you are on to something… you have narrowed it down even further than what I had found… nice one=)

its something that has been bugging us for a while now…

I hope that the devs can implement a fix soon…

we all had appreciation for how it used to work - all snappy…

This is what I mean with “slow down” process… cpus and systems are getting faster and faster and cubase workflow is getting slower and slower.
-the media bay scanning at start (the scanning of presets everytime a vst opens is also not necessary)
-the toolbox rightclick while holding the left key for more tools - now it needs to “load up” first (this slowdown is on purpose- like a windows meniu pop up time)
-the slope selector in the stock eq - used to open snappy, now it has latency so to speak…

to name a few…

The mediabay scanner would be a good start ot spiffy things up around the good ol cubase…:wink:
(and the mediabay Half/double speed, loop area, transpose, multiple loop lanes;) )

Gets stuck here and when finally loaded (7-10 mins!) the actual project loading takes another 5min!

Out of nowhere…this was working fine and I haven’t installed anything new…wow.

Nothing to do with this issue I’m afraid.

Quick update on this.

Yesterday my MediaBay mysteriously started working as it should, no scan delay, just instant display of all my presets and audio files.

I hadn’t made any changes to Cubase itself, so the only thing I can put it down to is some Mac housekeeping I did the day before, namely:

  • Removing all ‘Avid’ plugins from an old Pro Tools install.

  • Uninstalling an app called ‘Appcleaner’ that I haven’t used for ages. I wonder if this was the culprit, as I discovered the app can prevent a Time Machine backup and interferes with other backup/cloning sofware. If it’s able to do that, then I guess it’s possible it could be causing issues with the MediaBay scan too?

If any of you have it, you should remove the folder ~/Library/Containers/com.nektony.App-Cleaner

It may help.

I’m on Windows 7 therefore no Appcleaner that I know of. There are a couple issues here and I’m told they are related. I just checked and this wrong behavior still exists. In addition, when I open a VST instrument/effect, then click “load preset”, there is a small time delay before before all selectable presets even show up. Like 1 to 5 seconds. This did not exist prior to C10 for me.

In Cubase, go to Media Bay> User Content>VST3 Presets. Uncheck a VST preset. (Anything inside User Content should work as an example.)
(You may get a box that asks you to confirm, I checked the "don’t ask me again box)

Now close Cubase, then restart.

Go to Media Bay>User Content>VST3 Presets. Was the box you purposely left unchecked still unchecked, or is it now checked? The correct behavior should be leaving things the way you want them, but this is not what Media Bay does. It automatically checks all boxes upon start-up. This behavior changed somewhere in C7 or C8 I think.

Confirmed, gone since C10 also for me. Even when I hit F5, it just opens and ready. A dream, because before it really sucks this scanning when opening any window with presets.