C10...the colours again.

Is anyone else suffering from the 100% white text on light grey buttons?

Please compare for yourself :


Also, no one seems to care for missing settings to set different colours for Audio and MIDI editors?

Steinberg keeps amazing me with their ability to unnecessarily mess up the most basic stuff. Again, this is so abnormally blatant that I tend to believe that this is part of a certain commercial agenda, probably the one we’re all too familiar with.

Quite frankly, either it’s the above or someone in charge there is adequately inept. Because it’s perfectly possible to put together a decent looking UI, as seen in a wide variety of other software.

The move towards what is essentially a “dark mode” theme does seem a bit like jumping on the latest trendy bandwagon - and plenty of studies have shown that white-text-on-dark-background “dark modes” actually cause more eye strain/fatigue, (which is exactly what they claim to help relieve!)

I don’t mind the project window being darker - it actually helps events and parts to kinda “pop” a little bit more, which I quite like, but yeah, the white icons on the toolbar buttons are actually quite unpleasant to look at.

The Steinberg Hub just looks plain weird now.

At least with HIDPI mode, they aren’t also blurry :slight_smile:

Also, no one seems to care for missing settings to set different colours

I care, but don’t have any hope it will change in the way I would like. Colors are getting worse with each version since 5.x, So I just take what I get. And I know there are people that think colors are getting better with each version. It is a very subjective topic.

But yeah, I really can’t understand why we don’t get more options for setting user defined colors.

+1 to everything and especially to that:

I quickly jumped on Cubase 10, believing Steinberg’s willingness to evolve their cave interface. Well no. Steinberg gives a layer!

+1. nothing more to say.

I am NOT fond of all those grey windows with white text…

I was using it this morning and wondered why the track highlight colour was so white. Much preferred the nice grey we had before. Also the Auto Quantise icon down the bottom has a wired italic font?

I’ve struggled this time around to get a colour scheme I’m happy with.

The mixer seems to be darker than the main page?

Magix Samplitude has enabled 3rd party skins to change the interface appearance, and actually rearrange items on the GUI. From the comments upon each new release, this might make sense for Steinberg to consider. Seems like a win-win. Just invite some 3rd parties to take all the risk, and let them knock themselves out. Then tout it as a new, user requested feature.


why not simply ship it with a pair of glasses + health insurance covering one’s visits to the ophthalmologist


Really? The color scheme?

I don’t care if it’s invisible as long as the music sounds good. If I want to mess with color and composition, I’ll load Adobe CS.

the only UI feature bothering me is too many unnecessary lines around boxes like mixer or editors.
cubase extra boxes. jpg.jpg
its like box inside a box lines. just take sup spaces and confuses the user.

look s kinda like these all those extra lines
cubae lines .jpg

High contrast.
Thats how I would explain the difference here.
I will now admit it’s less comfortable on the eye in low light. It’s just too high contrast.


Very dissatisfied with the new interface. This is not Cubase !!! Bring back the usual colors and buttons. And remove those stupid white frames. Or provide the ability to deeply edit the interface to users. A novice designer did not pass the exam!

Until they offer me a light-grey background like I have in 8.5, they will not get another dollar from me.