C12 issue: events get deleted when moving/copying other events next to them

Hey there,
its a simple operation, but it is hard to understand without a video probably.

Basically you move/copy 2 non adjacent events over other multiple events, which are crossfaded with each other. One of the 2 events you are moving/copying has to go on top of the crossfades.
Then the event, which is now between the 2 moved events gets deleted, even if there wasn’t placed anything on top of it. I also attached a project file, so you don’t have to reconstruct everything by yourselves.

This issue might be related to this one: “Delete Overlaps” only works when no crossfade between events - Cubase - Steinberg Forums

Steps to reproduce:

  • “Delete overlaps” must be enabled in the preferences
  • take both events on the left
  • move them to bar 4931
  • the first event on the right will be deleted

TEMP2.zip (3.2 MB)


If you are talking about Audio Events (what I expected, if you are talking about the crossfade), you can have only one audible lane (layer) at the given time.

Hi Martin, I also want to replace the underlaying layer, when moving events on top of other. But in this case events get replaced, even if I don’t move events over them.

I confirm the issue.

The following images explain it all.
When moving two Events that have a space between them over a Crossfade, the right side of the Left Event (marked with the red cross) isn’t taken into account for the Split/Replace, and instead deletes the whole part starting from its left side up to the Crossfade.
The Right Event must at least touch or go past the Crossfade for the bug to occur, however there must be some space between the right side of the Left Event and the Crossfade. If the Left Event touches the Crossfade, the bug won’t occur.


Delete Overlap plus Crossafade bug




Delete Overlap plus Crossafade bug 2

And not to mention that when we drop an Event onto a Crossfade (even when it just touches it from the side), the Event underneath won’t be replaced, even partially. The Crossfade will stay in place no matter what and prevents Delete Overlaps to work. This is exactly what you explained in your other topic, which I’ve already added to the issues list.
The Delete Overlaps preference should take precedence over the Crossfades, but since the Crossfades already are overlaps, there may be a code conflict…

The fact that it interacts badly when moving multiple spaced Events across the Crossfade indeed proves that there is something very wrong.

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