C12 issue: Select/Deselect short midi notes (midi/drum editor)

selecting multiple notes by using CTRL+Click in the midi or drum editor with note length displayed, can be a real PITA.
As it happens, that you also click on the edge of a note when working fastimage and then all the selection you made before will be lost.

The notes will not be deselected, when using CTRL+CLICK+MOUSEDRAG, but they will, when CTRL+CLICKING only.

Steps to reproduce:

  • create a midi file and open the midi editor or the drum editor (with note lengths displayed)
  • draw multiple short midi notes
  • CTRL+CLICK select some of them
  • CTRL+CLICK on the last note you want to select, but dont click somewhere in the middle of the note, but on the edge, so this mouse pointer shows up: image
  • Result: every note gets deselected but the last one

Now it’s time for the Drum Editor to enter its bughunting phase. It’s been avoided until now, but here we go. It bet we will find at least 5 different bugs :wink:

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Yep. These are small issues, but they stack up after a while and interfere with a nice workflow experience.
Anyway, this issue is present in the midi editor as well, so yeah.

A bit offtopic, but still:
Actually I don’t really understand, why we must have 2 different editors for drums and midi.
The main difference is, that drums can be displayed differently (without note length) and that you can customize the notes/drum maps.
Imho these settings can be brought together into 1 editor. Would probably reduce work, bug reports and make it easier, less cluttered, more streamlined.

I can reproduce that, but I think it just has to do with how the CTRL modifier has been implemented.
It does the exact same thing when resizing Events in the Project window.
The CTRL modifier is very basic when it comes to multi-selection, while Shift is more advanced.
When you hold Shift when resizing an Event or MIDI note that isn’t already selected, it keeps the other Events/Notes selected, but not with CTRL, it seems to be missing that line of code or something. In that case, just use Shift :wink:

Yeah, but when you have to select/deselect multiple notes, which CTRL+CLICK was designed for, and then all your selection is gone, then SHIFT+CLICK is unfortunately not a real workaround…

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You’d notice that when you hold CTRL or Shift, it isn’t possible to edit Fades and Clip Gain, the corresponding pointers won’t appear, but it’s still possible to resize Audio Events and MIDI Notes.
Wouldn’t that be more logic to also disable resize when we hold these keys ? This way the problem will be solved, when we’re done doing the selection, we usually release the key before editing anyway…

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But if they are going to do that, they could as well fix it :thinking:

Oh and CTRL/SHIFT+resize is a separate operation, so that cannot be disabled…