C6 crashes Win 7 64 bit !!?


Got my update from C5 to C6 yesteday.

Works fine as far as I can see, except when I exit from C6 (either immediately or after having opened a project
and played with it). When I close C6, Win 7 crashed with a blue screen complaining about something I don’t have
really enough time to read as the computer reboots almost imemdiately. Something related to buffers… I don’t

Anyone facing that issue (a big one for me).

I will have more time to dig into this over the week end.



no problems here.

Does this happens every time ? Did you check for driver updates for your soundcard ?



Such crashes are almsost always driver-related. Are you sure you’ve got the latest, signed 64-bit drivers for all your hardware devices? C6 is absolutely rock-solid on W7x64 here.

BSOD will most not definately be the fault of Cubase, v6 64bit + win7 64bit here hap been rock solid and I’m really pushing it now.

Check the detailed crash log that appears when you restart Windows, If the dialog doesn’t appear I think its located at C:\Windows\Minidump

Alphatrack is confirmed as causing Cubase to crash on exit, though no Windows blue screens for other users…do you have an AT by any chance?

Hello again…

Sorry for the noise… but issue occured twice yesterday.
Today it runs fine for now. Crossing fingers… :slight_smile:


I had some crashes the first day I used it. Now it runs perfectly.

Maybe is something related to its configuration or windows registry.

I had a BSOD when scanning plugins, caused by Usine. Removed it and no problems now. Have you checked your VST plugins?

No, I did nothing special …
I may have fixed some issues in the project config I reloaded form C5.5.2 version of the project… I am not sure.

I have an alphatrack here and it’s not causing me any problems

I’ve noticed several C6 crashs on exit too…
It seems to me that the top rigth corner Red X button has a bug…or at least a different behavior.
If I try to quit C6 using this command, C6 usually crashes - not each time but very often (not a BSOD but in fact C6 never quits, seems locked and the process is not responding anymore).
However if I exit using the File/Quit menu I never had this problem again.

Anyone to confirm ?

Note: Cubase (PC-C) is always linked to my Nuendo (PC-A or PC-B) using VST System Link.


Interesting. I’ll watch out for this but I can’t confirm. Ctrl-Q is also a quick way out … do you notice any difference using Ctril-Q?

Yes, I can confirm, though I’ve only had a couple of sessions with C6 yet. I did also notice after starting it again, and then quitting the same way, there were 2 cubase.exe process instances active in the taskmanager. Couldn’t get them terminated - or I didn’t wait long enough (read in another thread it may last minutes). I’ll try some testing later.

Luck, Arjan

I’m also having problems closing C6.

No blue screen, but it does hang on exit - every time!

Oooh - I’ll tell you what though: I’ve just loaded the new eLicenser which was released (I think) yesterday!

Might actually fix the problem! First attempt to exit went OK!

Edit: Yep - looking good!

I am experiencing the same issue. I have been using Cubase since v1 with little to no issues and recently upgraded to v6. I installed C6 x64 on my existing dedicated audio PC. I can load songs that were created in v5 but as soon as I close C6 with “X” at the top right window I get the dreaded bluescreen. If I go to file -> Quit, Cubase crashes but no bluscreen. I am going to try C6 x32 tonight

I have the latest RME drivers installed and they have been rock solid from the beginning

Windows 7 x64.
AMD Phenom II X6 1100T
16gb DDR3 1866 memory
2-RME HDSPe Madi cards
1 RME HDSPe Raydat card
Studio Manager with DM2000 installed
No 3rd party plugins installed

Do you have any other hardware devices such as USB MIDI controllers or other USB MIDI interfaces connected?

I have a MOTU Midi express 128 with MOTU x64 drivers installed. Solid in C5

I have a Yamaha DM2000VCM with the USB connected for the studio manager, remote layer to Cubase for automation and timecode. No audio passes over USB… Solid in C5

Can you disconnect the USB devices and see if the problems still exists?

I had this problem too (under Cubase 5) It turned out to be something wrong with one of inserts for a memory stick on the motherboard. Getting a new motherboard meant I might as well rebuild a whole new computer…