C6 - List of ALL Changes?

Is there a listing somewhere of ALL changes made in Cubase 6?

I want to be sure that moveable frozen parts has not been implemented before I get myself all worked up. :imp:

It’s not implemented. Read the FAQ. It’s the first post in the forum.

Yeah. Missed that the first time I read it. :smiling_imp: I’m debating whether to recampaign for one final try or give up and move to Sonar, which was all four of the features I’ve been asking for the last 5+ years.

BTW - NONE of the new feature excites me whatsoever. Really, I’ve been through them. NONE.

Steinberg has completely lost touch with at least the needs of a core group of people.

For the way that I work, the feature set is not worth the upgrade.
Only if it provides a more efficient audio engine, capable of actually using my comps processors to their full extent, instead of stressing ASIO a long time before that, would I even contemplate Cubase 6.

Hello Tony,

Perhaps you cannot use the new features, and nobody is forcing you to buy the update. My fav feature is the new tempo detection. I had tons of libe recording material that I had to mix, and now I can :slight_smile:



Ive already got halionsonic and the new features are also not enough by a long way to entice me to part with hundreds of £££.

I just watched some of the UTube vids and the new features such as group edit , portable media bay and amp rack look great. VST Expression 2 that gives controller data for each midi note looks stunning if works as shown. These with the new quantisation will help my workflow a lot.

I think Steiny has done a good job of listening to the core of its real world users.

Tones2, why would you stick with Cubase and not go to Sonar if indeed Sonar has “all four of the features I’ve been asking for the last 5+ years”??? Go to Sonar and finally be happy… or just be satisfied with what Cubase has. Life is waaaay too short to be mad for “5+ years”. Peace! :smiley:


RIGHT ON Steiny!


This is the part I’m seriously doubting… VST Expression 2 isn’t compatible with anything we have at the moment, only HalionSonicLE which ships with C6 (and maybe the full version?). It’s totally different from the amazing VST expression which made our lifes easier last time. This one requires some serious effort from VST instrument developers. Considering how few have migrated to VST3 so far, how long do you think it’s going to take until we have anything for VST3.5?

Shame really. I would love to use the functionality of VST Expression 2 but I don’t think I will ever be able to. :cry:

Because I love Cubase otherwise. And I also grew fond of the people in the Cubase community here.

And more importantly it has one critical feature that no other sequencer has - the “Process Bars” function which correctly moves tempo and time signatures changes upon global time insertions and deletions which I also campaigned for and actually got implemented back in the days where Steinberg would listen and consider such things. That function alone is probably equal to the other 4 combined.

As such, I chose to wait and see, and campaign relentlessly for the other key “movable frozen part” function that I really needed. If I KNEW it would be 5 years without implementation, I might have switched a long while ago (maybe). I had hopes with every release, even minor ones, and was even PROMISED that this would be implemented several times.

Anyone who’s been here awhile can tell you that’s all true, including the mods. :slight_smile:

You can also accomplish much of this using insert/delete time as well, so is process bars in Artist?

No way, process bars is a god send. I was a HUGE complainer about not having the sig and tempo tracks integrated as real tracks. And was just as vocal as Tones about the way time insert/delete screwed up scores with tempo and time sig changes.


Of course Process Bars was an improvement, but the basic functionality is available with with insert/delete time.

As you structure a piece of music generally sections will be of a certain time signature (particularly if you are using only MIDI) and will be easy to put back together.

I was a bit worried at first myself but still went for studio anyway.

Haven’t been able to digest the feature comparison, so does Artist contain any enhancements in this area?

Nope. Insert / delete time totally screws up the relationships between and tempo and time signarure changes for all parts after the insertion / deletion. It’s not even CLOSE to having “Process Bars”. If you don’t know this, you have not worked with it extensively and / or your songs don’t have a lot of tempo AND time signature changes.

Works for me :stuck_out_tongue:

I had hoped for a fully-colored mixer…a little more like Pro Tools, but maybe Cubase 7 will address that.

Try sonar if you want toy appeal.

Cubase if you are pro

I know it will take implementation from instrument coders but if the working functionality will sell instruments then they’ll do it. You really don’t know if it take major effort to implement or not. Its a major innovation and I don’t see the point of declaring it dead before it even arrives. We could have said the same for ASIO or VST instruments when Steiny developed them.