C6 won't initialise

Dear Forum,

OK, I’m using Windows XP, but on the basis that others using XP are successfully using C6 I thought I’d go for the install. Install seemed to go alright, but when I hit the C6 desktop icon, it comes up with…

“The application failed to initialise properly (0xc0150002). Click OK to close”

Any ideas from anyone or do I just give up until I have W7?

Thanks for any help


install netframe work 3.5 sp1 and it will work !


Thanks John, Hope at last! I’ll give it a try

your welcome
the code error code you are getting is to do with the netframe work not loading the elicencer properly , make sure its net framework 3.5 with sp1 and not netframe 2 or 4 and you should be a happy chappy ! :smiley: :smiley:


Wait, so we should not be using XP SP3?

I’m getting the same problem. I got it w/SP2 netframework 1.1 and then upgraded and still receiving the problem w/SP3 and netframe4. SO what you are saying is we need Windows XP SP1 and netframe3.5?

Thank you for your help!!

Use “Windows XP SP3” and the (per filterfreak) required “.NET 3.5 SP1”

The different .NET frameworks each have individual Service Packs, just like the Operating Systems.

Filterfreak’s fix worked for me, so thanks John.

The only thing so far is that the loading of Halion SE seems to create a bug whereby other VST instruments won’t load. Remove Halion and evrything’s OK. Trouble is as Steinberg won’t support XP I can’t easily find out if this is a bug with C6, or rather my using C6 with XP?

Thanks for your help.

I get the same problem with the application failed error. I have XP Service Pack 3 - I have it loaded on my laptop which has windows 7 and its fine. I’ll going to search for netframe whatever that is! I’ll post if it works.

Will it adversely affect performance if I load windows 7 in place of XP? I have anIntel quad extreme processor, 16gb ram, 2 x 1 tb harddisk and XP.Everythings run real fast and smooth.

Will 64 bit version have any negative impace - ie I use IK multimedia plugs, sampletank, TRacks deluxe, and arturia V collection. If anyone has any experience of using these with windows 7 64 bit do let me know. Thanks

Despite not being a believer in blind dates, if I ever meet you in the streets I may kiss you! Been struggling with this problem all week until I found this thread…and it loaded first time. VERY BIG THANKS John.

T :smiley:

HHHEEELLPPPPPPP ive got a madman chasing me down the road!!
its alright i’ll pass on the blind date and kiss dude lol ,glad you sorted it ,now it sould run as sweet as a sweet thing ,been using c6 on xp flawlessly since jan 26 so enjoy !

Anyone know how to instal Netframe work 3.5 on my studio PC…???

It seems to need to download files to install but my studio’s not on the net!!!


You need to download the “Full Redistributable Package”

Hi Baron Bruce -

Have a look at this thread of mine:


In other words update your elicenser on any old Internet comp with net frame installed.

Install C6 only on DAW. Happiness! :stuck_out_tongue: