C9 - Moving sample to sampler track causes crash

Every time I try to drag a sample from the project into the sample zone, Cubase 9 crashes. I have Windows 8.1 and attached my specs in a pic

Afaik it is only happening with MP3 files…
You may want to check that…

i have the same problem (posted in german forum :

no solution in sight …
i just downloaded the complete installation files and try …

Complete Installation ( 10+Gb) also dont solves this problem …

Had this several times. Unusable for me. Only waves here.

My problem is solved : [SOLVED] elicenser crashing trying to activate Elements 9 - Cubase - Steinberg Forums

That solution did not work. Still crashing every time like clockwork.

same here. i cant load anything into sampler, even from cubase own samples. just crashes everytime

seem awful! :unamused:

Cubase 9 on Win 10
Sampler track is unusable for me
Cubase9 crashes everytime with whatever type of audio i try to drag in to folder from Cubase session :frowning:

Same here!! Steinberg can you fix this??


If i have few VSTi and some Audio in project, then dragging sample from MediaBay of from project window = crash

Cubase 9.5.10
16gb DDR3
i7 core
OS X 10.11.6