[CAN-20441] Cubase 10 + Auto-tune 8.1.1

Have just installed Cubase 10. Cubase crashes once a song has loaded. I have found that Antares Auto-tune is the culprit. Works well with Cubase 9.5. I have reinstalled auto tune, but the issue is still occurring. Anyone else with a similar issue?

i have the exactly same issue with auto-tune 8.1.1 (win 10) cubase 10 (works on 9.5)

That’s correct, worked in 9.5. the only workaround is to run Cubase in windows 8 compatibility mode, however, Gui will be much slower.

I know. I have a temporary work around solution to make it not crash for now…

It’s not just Auto-Tune 8.1 I assume you are using Windows 10? If you right click on the Cubase 10 program and select ‘Run in Compatibility Mode’ for ‘Windows 8’, Auto-Tune works again as well as any other plugin that stopped working in Cubase 10. I don’t know why but it works.

I think Cubase 10 maybe doesn’t have enough permissions for some VST plugins to work. I tried running it in Administrator mode but that wasn’t enough. It was compatibility mode that made it work.

The only issue I can find so far with running in compatibility mode is that Cubase prompts an error for the Soft E-licenser not having enough permissions when you run it in Windows 8 compatibility mode so if you use the Soft E-licenser for anything, none of those plugins will work in Windows 8 mode. So compatibility mode won’t be an option for some people.

I not sure what is working and what isn’t at this point but when running it in normal mode, certain plugins cause the whole program to crash and close.

Edit: I took too long to write my reply and I see Ferizand74 posted the work around before me, which makes me feel a little less like a genius for discovering the work around lol.

did you send to them the issue ? they can fix it in the next update

Here’s the CrashDump file for my Auto-Tune 8.1 crash:

you will need to send it to the tech support

When I try to insert any of Softube or Soundtoys plugin, and Auto tune (of course), my Cubase also crashed after update 9.5/10.
After many attempts and analyzes, I try to re-scan my plugins inside of plugin manager
(small down arrow - right of the tittle Plug-in Information).
Cubase crash again, but next time and after all works perfect!
Stupid, but works (for me)! Try it.

I have autotune 8.1 and sound toys working with Cubase 10.
I right clicked on the ilok licence manager.exe, select properties, security and assign full permissions for my windows 10 account. I also did this for admins and everyone.

I then assigned the same permissions to the autotune.dll.

If I load a new project and add any sound toys plugin first, I can then add autotune. I don’t know why, but if I add autotune first. Cubase crashes. After doing this, Autotune works.

Some of my older 9.5 project now load if they had autotune 8.1, some, I have to load then in 9.5 first, remove autotune from the send, save, load in to c10, then add autotune as described above.

If you don’t have sound toys, maybe try and open some other plugin using ilok then try Autotune

I think sound toys can access my ilok but not autotune, opening sound toys first must somehow load Ilok then AT runs ok.

You could also try a complete re install of your ilok license manager.

Thanks for the helpful replies. I have tried everything that was suggested. Unfortunately, none of them worked. I guess I’ll wait for Steinberg to update Cubase 10 to iron out the initial bugs. Hopefully it will be resolved by then. Fingers crossed :crossed_fingers:.

I can confirm this too. Auto tune 8.1 and evo both crash Cubase 10.
this is a deal breaker for me working with clients yesterday.
surely auto tune is one of the most used plugins in the pop industry and would have been tested?


Same here.
Autotune Pro works though.

Joke for the day:
What is it called when Auto-Tune crashes only Cubase 10 and no other DAW nor previous Cubase version?

Steinberg’s answer:
Auto-tune bug

Hi !

I have the same issue with auto-tune 8.1.1, Cubase 10 and Windows 10.

With Cubase 9.0 all is ok…

I have tested a lot of ways, rights and security on folders, dll, user rights, certificates and signature of files etc…

Nothing good, except if you turn Cubase in Windows 8 compatibility, in this case AutoTune work well…

I continue to investigate but it’s normaly the Seinbger job !!!
At 500$ the software, we need a solution !!!

running both Soundtoys plugins and Autotune 8.1 just fine here on C10 / Mac / High Sierra. Not that I doubt that you have a problem just informing you that’s it not a cross platform thing at least.

I updated my ilok drivers/version/manager yesterday and reinstalled Auto tune 8.1.1 and it’s now working. this is on windows 10 latest version.


Any update if this has been fixed? Very frustrating!

Does this also happen with Autotune 9? I have no access to version 8 and the trial for version 9 seems to work well. It would be helpful to see whether this is still an issue in the latest release.
I have created a bug report on this and will keep you up-to-date.

As a temporary workaround, Used Tony’s advice and inserted a filterfreak1 (soundtoys) in the headphones insert of the control room. It doesn’t need to be powered on.
Because the insert loads on all projects, new and old. It seems to work… Autotune loads up fine. Until there is a fix, this works… 0 cpu load.

Thanks Tony and/or whomever else.

We are in discussion with Antares at the moment and they’ll try to replicate with no luck so far. One thing they mentioned is that the Pace/iLok installation needs to be updated to the latest available release.
As Autotune 9 has been released, most likely, there won’t be another update for version 8.