[CAN-27408] Cubase 10.5 completely slow on Mac Mojave

Im more worried about the wednesday release than the spilt milk. For sure they will have solved some issues, but I dont think the performance on OSX will be on par with the 10.0 versions.

Then maybe its time we do something about it.

Can you please direct me to where it says there will be a release on Wednesday?

Is this still an issue for anyone else? My 10.5.5 completely locks up. Have to reboot Mac. Mojave 10.14 iMac Pro 64gb ram etc. Barely able to work now. So frustrating.

Wait, wuuuut… Wednesday??

Seems to been postponed an other week.

My word… This is really ridiculous. This update better be ROCK SOLID when it comes out! No more excuses after this.

I cant believe. What now… what :neutral_face: Postponed :open_mouth:

I guess that you can thank the crackers of the dongle for this delay.

Take a deep breath, people. Yes, 10.5 shouldn’t have been released with this immense issue and it really, really sucks. BUT, would you rather they release the patch with a huge showstopper bug like 10.5 originally had, or take one more week and fix it? The choice is obvious to me.

I choose option number three which is the option you chose plus steinberg taking responsibility for the situation and reprimand those who’s businesses got hurt because steinberg wants money more then they want happy costumers.

I literally tried to mixdown a project in front of a client yesterday and could not do it because the mixdown window turned 100% RED!
This was unprofessional and embracing.

Stop ignoring us and reprimand us for your mistakes.

I mean I’m annoyed but I’m not going to rip into the software developers for this. They are human beings. They sit there all day entering code and when all goes well they get little thanks. But when things go wrong anyone would think they’d literally punched you in the face with all the bad feelings and anger in this thread.

The bad feelings should be directed towards upper management; not the coders. Software development is damn hard. There are always bugs and always unforeseen weirdness with certain configurations. Some of those bugs are get squashed before release, but some will always get out.

So please be respectful towards the coders who are doing truly amazing things. Any criticisms should be directed towards the decision makers, the deadline setters and the upper managerial positions who need to address this issue directly with customers. We could all do with some kind of concession which will address the fact that we paid for an unstable upgrade which has turned a Ferrari into a tricycle with wobbly wheels.

I’m totally fine with them getting this update right before release - how could they do otherwise?

It would just be right and proper for Steinberg/Yamaha management to give something back as compensation for these unforeseen troubles we’ve had.

Peace and respect.

Who said anything about the coders? myself and most of the people here: speak of steinberg as a whole.
Wouldn’t “rip” into them if they were honest enough to stand behind their wrong doings.
Get little thanks?! they get our money which is the common form of payment in the civilised world, i dint pay them less then what they asked for, i didn’t pay then took my money back, I didn’t pay them with fishes and cattle.
They didn’t LITERALLY punched me in the face…they are making ME earn less money!
Yes there are always bugs, of course, but maybe…just maybe if they waited a little more we wouldn’t have to be in this situation.
This cake is obviously NOT BAKED.
Don’t feel bad for steinberg, for they obviously do not feel bad for us.
Loved the ferrari analogy.

It’s simultaneously lame of Steinberg, and just dumb to upgrade one’s software to soon. We all know this. But we do it, and SB wants us to do it. Hell, I did it. But they should take responsibility… and frankly, I’m actually assuming they might come forward with some kind of rebate or credit… But who knows?

Regardless, a license for 10.5 allows you to install all previous versions of Cubase and use them, and those versions are mostly stable, and very full-featured.

…but I want my dang rebate.

100% agreed !!!

Steinberg should really give our money back for this.

Ya i guess its better to wait before purchasing, they spend so much money on advertising thats actually does the job of convincing me pretty well i must admit.

And accidents happened before with earlier versions of cubase (im buying cubase since 4 and always upgraded), but never something like this.

Steinberg is deliberately distancing themselves from their costumers because they dont want to take responsibility for their screwups and have nothing to say but sorry.
In my experience this sort of things happen when a company is so sure of its might and impact ,and believe that their costumers are a bunch of sheep that will dance and clap every time that steinberg coughs.
I mean i would comment on the announcement they made about delaying the fix but the CANCELLED THE COMMENTING OPTINS.

So i’ve sent a privet message to Fabio Bartolini from steinberg who posted the update on the hotfix, i will update you guys when/if he answers me.

Hi all,

the update is now available in the SDA.

Hi Matthias thats awesome, could you please address to the words written on this thread?