[CAN-27408] Cubase 10.5 completely slow on Mac Mojave


I just upgraded & installed the new 10.5 version on mac Mojave, and for the moment it’s unusable, very very slow. It reacts 5s after each mouse click. The 10 still works perfectly in comparison. Did someone experienced the same?


I have this intermittently. It will be fine for a bit, then get slow, sometimes getting back up to speed again after a while. Weird.

Hi Glacius!
I am experimenting exactly the same issue as yours ! Mojave : 10.5 unusable, 10 version works like a charm

It’s completely messed up! Impossible to work!


I have the same issue. It’s an intermittent problem. But when it occurs, impossible to work.


Same here! Good at times, but then after a while slows down and I need to restart Cubase. I’m probably going to stay in 10 for a while longer, till this gets fixed.

What a disaster for me. i upgraded 10.5 and deleted 10. Audio performance shows disk full in red but disk is free over 30GB. i have tried disk first aid , deleted preferences but its same issue. even a single audio loop cannot be played. Yamaha, Please fix this. Its too much now. I am not being productive but spending time to fix the issues.

I thought this was releated to my RME card. At Metric Halo is firewire, my RME is also firewire. What soundcard are you using?

I have the same with Mac Mojave. What happens with me is that the project will still be playing but the GUI stops responding. Once this has happened it keeps happening and I have to reboot. I have the latest graphics drivers and my DAC is a class-compliant model so it has no specific drivers.


Same here with Mojave. 2015 iMac Retina 5k 27" using a UAD Apollo Twin Thunderbolt. Spinning beach-ball for almost every thing I select. Like changing a patch in a VST instrument takes about 5-20 seconds. Moving a slider or knob in almost every VST creates a spinning beach-ball. Changing a VST to a different VST basically creates a 2-5 minute long spinning beach-ball with “application not responding” when I right click the Cubase 10.5 icon so I can exit the fricken program. Super frustrated!!! : (

I’m currently downloading the full 21.90GB installer to see if maybe the 1.50GB update installer is part of the problem. Sometimes a clean install helps but in this case I’m thinking that maybe Steinberg adding new code to code from the past 20+ years is starting to bite everyone in the ass.

I doubt there any idea to reinstall the application. However removing settings is usually a good medicine for cubase problems. And it seems like that I can retire my hypotheses about RME.

I’m experiencing similar. Though it was not on every session, on some session, meter stutters, display stops, and doesn’t take any control from keyboard for few sec etc. I can’t even START/STOP while it’s at that. Though while it’s frozen, Cubase still takes control if I click on START/STOP on the transport.
In combination with bug on Waves plugins’ GUI, impossible to do any work…staying on 9.5 for time being I guess.

Same here. Just upgraded to 10.5 from 10.0 on Mojave, and it’s almost COMPLETELY unusable, even with just two audio tracks and one VST plugin. 90% of the time I get that spinning coloured pinwheel that every Mac user just loves to see… can’t stop/play the session, open the mixer, or even quit the program without clicking the mouse 1,000,000 times to get Cubase to respond.

SO GLAD I spent my money to “upgrade” to an unusable pile of garbage!

I have the same thing. MAC OS 10.14.6. Cubase 10.5

Mojave 10.14.6
I have same issues, sometimes Cubase doesn’t respond for several minutes until I restart it. Also some plugins doesn’t work, for example NI;s Choral and Phasis. Cubase stops respond when I open UIs of these plugins.

Same issue here, it’s impossible to do anything without getting a spinning beachball. OS X 10.14.6, Cubase Pro 10.5.

Same here!

I hope they get this fixed and send out an hotfix or update soon.

OS Mojave, MacBook Pro Retina

I’m finding that its working OK as with 10.0.50, but then several times a day it just gets stuck with the spinning beachball - usually while playing back, and with playback continuing but all functions frozen.

It can then take 10 minutes or so to become responsive again - the spinning stops several times briefly and it looks like its working for a few seconds, but it goers back to the beachball again.

This release, along with other issues is currently a turkey.

Same problem here (update from cubase 10 on mojave OS)
have someone try to reinstal cubase ?
or may i update my imac to catalina ?
or may i use cubase 10 and wait ?
or buy a windows PC :laughing:

Thank’s for your help.

On windows the problem with solo track.