[CAN-27558] Rewire causes crash on exit windows10 - cubase 10.5.10

been trying to track down an irritating crash on exit bug on windows.

basically it’s this:

Thought it worth starting a new thread now I’ve tracked down the cause.


(menu > Studio > Rewire > Rewire Setup…)

You can spot the crash (actually 2 crashes) in the windows application event log - you won’t see this on the desktop.

Crash on exit…so what !?! - well it means a lot of things go wonky. It means that your preferences don’t get saved on exit, along with rewire status (so it ‘seems’ to fix itself :unamused: ), control room setting, recent file list, various presets…and lots of other things. Very irritating and gives lots of odd problems. Deleting preferences ‘seems’ to fix this but all you are doing is disabling rewire and ‘masking’ the problem not curing it.

I get the crash with rewire set to:
Melodyne 4
Waves ReWire

So I don’t think it’s manufacturer specific.

Also I don’t get the crash with Nuendo 10 / Cubase 10 or Cubase 10.5.0 - This is NEW behaviour in 10.5.10. So I believe the problem is the new version NOT my system.

btw - thanks SB for not bothering to answer ANY support tickets or emails so I had to figure this out myself. Usual level of SB support. You think they would at least want to meet you half way…nope, silence is golden.

anybody else confirm ? You will need to check your event log AFTER enabling rewire and quitting cubase

We have been in contact on various channels and on various topics before. You have created a ticket on this matter but we still need more information (and we requested that information before as well). I’ll respond to the ticket later today.

…indeed we have ! - and you have yet to fix any of my issues…all have of which have been SB specific bugs and “features”

After much time and effort I have found the nature of the issue - and given you fairly straightforward reproduction steps - can you reproduce this crash at your end ? Seems a fairly simple request - you could have done that quicker than you type the reply.

hi Ed

thanks for your ticket update - and good to hear you can (eventually) reproduce the problem. I tried to upload the .dmp file but your ticketing system won’t accept it… it comes up with a ‘spurious’ error.

I’m back on version 10 for the time being as these kind of crash on exit are total workflow killers - you have no idea what state cubase is going to be in when you restart - it almost certainly won’t be in the same state as when you quit.

As an aside - I took me many hours to track down what was happening. In future please show a little bit of respect for that and do a bit of legwork yourself (approx 2 minutes!) before sending your standard cut and paste replies.

FWIW simply “deleting preferences” is NOT a fix - it’s just masking a problem that will bite you later. Please take all these bug reports seriously - your customers are trying to fix YOUR product.

Await your confirmation - and ideally a fix !


my cubase 10.5.12 .I have the same question

we’re still waiting for a fix for this I’m afraid

Sorry for the silence on this one. The issue is supposed to be fixed with the next maintenance update. Unfortunately, I have no exact date for the release yet.