Can Anyone Advise on Importing Key Commands from Cubase 10 to Nuendo 10?

I’m on Mac, have read about every thread I can find on this and nothing is working.

I am trying the Nuendo Demo and am a Cubase Pro owner.

I’ve dragged a copy of the key commands file from Cubase Prefs to Nuendo but not working.

Anyone with step by step patience appreciated! I did manage to import a profile into Nuendo but it doesn’t include key commands and macros it seems.



It should work exactly this way. Just copy the Key Commands.xml file from Cubase preferences folder over to Nuendo preferences folder.

the other way would be to use the profiles… Save a new profile under Cubase and import it to Nuendo
never tried it, but should work


The profile would store the whole settings, not just the Key Commands.

yes and this would give a good start to Nuendo with known settings


I totally agree. But the request was just about the Key Commands.

Btw, there are some different default settings for Cubase vs Nuendo. And it make sense to have a different settings because of different use cases for Cubase/Nuendo. By copying the whole preferences/profile, you would lose these differences.

Hello! I just have imported my Cubase profile to Nuendo. Which default settings you’re talking about?



From top of my head…

  • Preferences > Transport > Return to Start Position on Stop
  • Project Setup > Volume Max
  • Automation > Touch behaviour

I see) Thanks