Can anyone give me a suggestion or direction to be able to get Steinberg to answer my problem?

Can anyone give me a suggestion or direction to be able to get Steinberg to answer my problem?

I posted a ticket 2 months ago (#365298) in which I indicated that my Cubase installation was showing unpredictable behaviors.I provided indications of these behaviors and provided crash dumps.

I waited patiently for someone to respond to me, at least to point me to the basic steps to try to do a clean reinstall to see if that would make the occurred problems go away.

No response to the ticket.
If one tries to search the forums or other sources nothing comes up.

In short, we are talking about a highly professional product, with which thousands of musicians compose and produce music, but if you have a problem of instability on your application instance of Cubase there are no guidelines with which to possibly try to make your own investigation of the causes, and support does not respond.

Now, in order not to be misunderstood, I don’t expect the support to solve the problem and do it in a short time, but I expect that, at least for politeness and customer relationship management, after a certain number of days it gives a courtesy answer like "we have taken care of your problem, we are investigating and we will contact you as soon as we have indications to give.

Instead, the absolute nothing.

After two months what is the status of my ticket?
Has anyone dealt with it?
Have the crash dumps been analyzed?
Has anyone asked me any follow-up questions to understand how to narrow down the cause of the problem?


And there is no other communication channel other than opening the support ticket.
So I opened another support ticket to bring to the attention of support that there was a ticket of mine that had been open for 2 months that no one had answered yet.
We are at the circus. All that’s missing are the clowns.

Is there a person responsible for the Cubase product and related services?
Is there an email for complaints or to bring to the attention of someone at Steinberg that there is a general problem of inability to manage the relationship with the customer?

I am not a professional musician but if I had been I would have experienced a nightmarish two months.
With one’s DAW crashing when performing even the most trivial operations, how can one work?

In conclusion, does anyone have a suggestion or indication on how to perform a root cause analysis or a clean reinstallation of all the software associated with Cubase?
(please leave aside the obvious basic actions of starting Cubase in safe mode and/or disabling third-party plugins, because it has already been done with no positive results)

I thank very much in advance anyone who can give me a hand, I have invested a lot in Steinberg products after years of evaluating other DAWs but if I do not get out of this impasse I will be forced to re-evaluate other products.

Thanks for your attention


What exactly is your question? Sorry, your post is very long. It’s likely someone will answer your question if they know what it is.

Hello Steve,

thank you for your reply.
my question is actually two:

  1. can you point me to any documentation or guidelines to perform a self-investigation into the causes of the instability of my Cubase 11 Pro installation?

  2. can you point me to documentation or guidelines to perform a total reinstallation of Cubase 11 Pro, assuming that this can solve all the problems of instability?

I ask this for two considerations:

a) up to a certain date my installation of Cubase 10, then 10.5 worked without any problem. Then I installed Cubase 11 and started having problems.

b) since Steinberg doesn’t answer me and I can’t find any official information to solve the problem on my own, I’m asking information to those who have already faced a similar situation.

Thank you very much


Yeah, that is Steinberg support for you… useless. Similar experience with the two tickets I have opened in the past. No reaction whatsoever for weeks, then the usual excuse for being late, then nothing again for weeks. It seems they are severely understaffed in the support department. Worst support experience I’ve had with any music software.

Your best bet is actually this forum, post a precise (including exact version of Cubase and OS) description of your problem and the crashdump file, there are some people here who can do a basic analysis of that and give hints.

As for the complete reinstall of Cubase, that is not different than reinstalling any other software. Uninstall, remove/rename the preferences directory (Preferences of Cubase and Nuendo – Steinberg Support), install again.

Ok thank you Steve, your suggestions are useful and precious.

However, it’s a shame that a company like Steinberg, with so many valid and professional products, does not have a support service at the high standard level as their products.

Have a nice day

@Spago , I did not respond to you.

It is rarely necessary to reinstall the software. The primary way to troubleshoot is to start Cubase in Safe mode:

@Spago has opened another topic for this, please continue there: Cubase 11.0.10 freezing and general instability