Can cubase please make an .m4a import option?

Can Steinberg develop an .m4a import option?
There are so many audio players and recorders that are using .m4a that this should be an option.
And it is not even that much work, if you want avoid any hassle, just make it recognize the .m4a and then auto-convert it to wav or something?
You can accomplish this for so little resources if you use a prebuild converter and just create a recognize function for the file importer. I would make this myself, but when I pay this much for a product, I would like to avoid exactly these kinds of things…

Can you not see any reason as to why Apple would not allow this?

I’m sure this has been asked for many times before. You can use WaveLab Pro 10 or iTunes to do it. I just run them through WaveLab as it does a great job of it.

As far as I know mp4(m4a, etc…) is an open standard with no required license. And ffmpeg is also free and open for use, even though apple developed it a couple of years ago. So as far as I can see, this is 2 hours of coding from one of their programmers.

I actually used to 2 hours to code my own solution that is specific to the task but gets the job done quickly. If anyone wants it I can probably publish it. Thanks for the advice though, garymusic!

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importing m4a would be great ! As a “Pro” program, Cubase ought to be able to import and export as many formats as possible.

Feature request is here: Ability to import .m4a files. - #3 by johnnybregar. Maybe everybody who winds up checking out this thread could boost it there too.

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