can Cubasis import project FROM Cubase

hi, - please excuse me, if (1) this has been asked before, (2) or if it sounds ridiculous :

I realise that there is a “Cubasis Importer” to import project from Cubasis -> into Cubase|[artist]

I am wanting to know, if I start a project in Cubase|[artist] 7.5.x, if… then Cubasis is able to import it?


Hi Stef,

Not as simple as with the Cubasis importer.
You need to export your project as a MIDI file and export each audio track independently (the big Cubase offers the batch export for this). Then you import both MIDI and audio tracks into Cubasis.

hi Carlos,
thanks for the reply, yeah I should’ve mentioned in my original post, that I was aware of the manual export of midi_tracks::method, etc etc.

This is somewhat clunky/cumbersome, and was hoping for a more streamlined and elegant solution, … that "one would expect in a modern workflow environment of/from a touch surface etc etc …
Ah well, we cannot have it all easy I guess.
thanks again Carlos, and pass on ++kudos to the Cubasis think-tank/developers, this product, is really starting to develop well!