can Cubasis import project FROM Cubase

hi, - please excuse me, if (1) this has been asked before, (2) or if it sounds ridiculous :

I realise that there is a “Cubasis Importer” to import project from Cubasis -> into Cubase|[artist]

I am wanting to know, if I start a project in Cubase|[artist] 7.5.x, if… then Cubasis is able to import it?


Hi Stef,

Not as simple as with the Cubasis importer.
You need to export your project as a MIDI file and export each audio track independently (the big Cubase offers the batch export for this). Then you import both MIDI and audio tracks into Cubasis.

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hi Carlos,
thanks for the reply, yeah I should’ve mentioned in my original post, that I was aware of the manual export of midi_tracks::method, etc etc.

This is somewhat clunky/cumbersome, and was hoping for a more streamlined and elegant solution, … that "one would expect in a modern workflow environment of/from a touch surface etc etc …
Ah well, we cannot have it all easy I guess.
thanks again Carlos, and pass on ++kudos to the Cubasis think-tank/developers, this product, is really starting to develop well!

Hi everyone. Reviving an old thread just to ask if in 2021 is possible , on a easy way, to import Cubase pro projects into cubasis, or is it still the same procedure. Exporting all midi and audio independently ?


Hi @Pedro_G,

Thanks for your message.

You are able to import Cubasis projects with Cubase via the freely downloadable Cubasis Project Importer. The other way around is unchanged, and requires to do a STEM export of your Cubase audio and MIDI files to be imported with Cubasis afterwards.

Hope that helps!

Best wishes,

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