Can I change the default db range on the channel EQ editor?

By default its +/-24db, which makes it hard to make subtle eq adjustments.

Is there a way to adjust it? I know some 3rd party EQ’s give u some great controls on that. Basically, if I just wanna drove 2-3 freq 1-2db…jeez its sure hard in the default display.

If not, I’ll stick to 3rd parties…sometimes its easier to just not load a plugin though…


Also, I’ve always wanted to know this (related to the channel EQ):

By default, I believe Low Shelf II and High Shelf II are loaded as the 1 & 4 filters. Can I change these to Low Shelf I and High Shelf I by default? I always change them anyways…

THANKS!! :smiley:

Not sure what you mean. The range is +/-24db, but you can dial in any value you wish, in increments of 1/10th db. Either type it in manually, or hold shift while moving the slider.

I’m talking about the EQ display. In some 3rd party EQs u can change the parameters to AT LEAST +/-12 db just so that when u need to make smaller incremental changes with ur mouse, its not such a chore/impossibility.

Check out FabFilter Pro-Q’s GUI. Its huge…and to make small incremental EQ changes is not difficult. Than look at Waves’ GUIs there’s so small, a tiny flick of the mouse and ur off by 50hz and 5db. I supposed I could try typing in the changes but I like the graphical format, drawing/dragging filters around. I just thought it’d be cool to alter Cubase’s default EQ filter db range.

Guess not…

Basically my point is, sometimes u just wanna make a +/-2db change, and on a 48db scale…well, thats like playing surgeon with Mickey Mouse gloves on :cry:

I have no idea what you mean. Maybe post a screenshot.

Hold Shift to put each control in fine mode.

Hi, It’s not possible to adjust the display like Fabfilter.
and the Shelf 1 vs Shelf 2 can be set in the prefs. Don’t remember at the moment exactly where, but yes. It’s a tick box that lets you load shelf 1 when new eq is loaded.

Are you referring to changing the scale of the EQ in Edit Channel Settings, JLiRD808?

I.e. zooming the Equalizers area in towards an EQ range so that the top/bottom of the display show say, +6/-6, instead of the default +24/-24? This way, the max/min are scaled based on the zoom level and finer adjustments are easier to accomplish. Also, the EQ engine doesn’t have to be altered in any way, since it is simply the area that restrict the mouse movement within the visible (zoomed or not) range.

^ Thats exactly what I’m talking about! Zooming the scale I guess…sorry if I was unclear. Lol u didnt tell me if it was possible though :smiley:


And holding Shift just allows me to raise/lower the Q…

Holding shift to fine adjust works only in the numerical value field, not in the EQ display.

No, if you hold shift while dragging in the window, it will change in smaller increments. Also, you can use modifiers to choose what value you are changing.

For me (on a PC), holding down:
Shift - changes Q
Control - Allows only vertical movement
Alt - Allows only horizontal movement

I do, however, slightly remember seeing somewhere where u can change that. Still, holding down Shift to make small changes seems a bit odd, does it slow down ur mouse speed lol??

Yes, that´s how it has been at least until V6 and according to the C6 manual it is still that way. But I´m sure JMCecil will tell us how it works…

Well, it makes smaller value increments than normal in relation to the same mouse movement. You can simply try it. ( But only works in the slider area of the EQ window (- or generally with any fader), not in the EQ graph - at least until JMCecil tells us how).

I don’t know if that is possible, but considering the input in the thread, I would say that it is not. But I do agree that it would be nice if you could, per channel if possible! :slight_smile:

Take a look at EQuality (click on the product image to zoom in), to the right of the display, there is range slider… that would be awesome. In cubase, the slider at full range it would be +/- 24 dB (behave just like it currently does) and when lowered, it would be scaled accordingly.

Yeah DMG EQuality is great I hear…a lot of ppl’s fav EQ along with Sonalksis & the FabFilter. I love the huge display of Fabfilter and the cool shelves in Sonalksis. FabFilter’s db span will automatically change as u start drawing bigger cuts/boosts. I think it starts off around +/-6db and, as u drag a filter up/down, it will expand…super cool. If u reduce the boosts/cuts I’m assuming the db range shrinks as well. I like what ur saying about DMG EQuality’s slider bar though…maybe I’ll give the demo a shot.


Then something is wrong with the way you have your PC setup.

In Cubase, holding down shift will move (horizontal) sliders in smaller increments, it will move (vertical) faders in smaller increments, and it will rotate knobs in smaller increments, both clockwise and counter. Been this way in v2, v3, v4, v5. If this is not what you are seeing, you have PC issues.

It’s not odd; that is the way it’s supposed to work.

The OP is talking about the EQ graph, not sliders, and not knobs, but the graphical representation, where you can drag the points.



Well, that is not what he said. :unamused: