Can I play E-MU SoundFont in Halion?

Hi everyone.

I was wondering if anyone tried to play E-MU SoundFont in Halion.
Is it compatible?

This is a link to the SoundFont I want to play:


Hi JP,

Im having a quick “educated” guess here & although I dont own Halion (It wont be long b4 someone who does confirms )

Halion “should” play most common sampler formats (and SFZ) is one of those, if its a sfz then in all odds to the wind, Halion will play it, or at least be able to covert it its own proprietary format.

SO I would have no hesitations & quickly say yes bro…If Im wrong .the “cat get its in the back of the head” :laughing:

Clarification - the file extension/format is actually sf2. SFZ is a VSTi sample/soundfont player. Your statement is still accurate. HALion should be able to play soundfonts as they were the first widely-used computer sample format. If not, then get (the I think, still free) SFZ player.

I use something else for samples, so I can’t (actually won’t) just go and immediately verify all that at the moment.

then get (the I think, still free) SFZ player

It would be great, but the problem is that it is not Mac compatible.

I’m actually on PC, and soon will have an iMac.
So if Halion can take it, great!
If not, I’m f****d.

The full version of HALion 4 can play Soundfonts directly.

Well, I talked with one of the DSF guy (the cie that makes the soundfonts in my first post)
and he told me:

Yes Halion will import SoundFont libraries and play them back. The import is not always accurate and the SoundFont libraries may not work correctly.
In many cases, not all parameters are imported by Halion.


Try this?

Not Mac compatible?



If HALion won’t play ball with your soundfont, I would recommend this…

At US$19.95, very economical.

Great program/plug-in… I used this for years when I first started out, though these days I don’t get to use soundfonts much because over time I’ve acquired a large collection of Sample Libraries :wink:

Most importantly, it is now Lion compatible, which you will need with your new iMac.

Downside…not 64 bit, so you will be at the mercy of the Cubase Bridge if you want to run Cubase 64 bit.


That’s a little lame. The soundfont format is just about the most basic, straight-forward sample format there is.

No keyswitching or really very flashy effects, just the ability to layer samples the normal way, both across keys and velocity, and also tweak the pitch and volume of the sample. Probably a few other little things (like exclusion groups for hihats, for example), but the above covers about 99% of all soundfonts out there.

Yeah, Im sticking my necck out here and saying that I would envisage NO problems importing the sf2 format…(if they have officially tried & tested the process you require… I would ask for verification …or whether this is an “educated” guess, because of other samplers missing some information or important info.(root key etc) on import.

I would again ask if they have actually TRIED it personally with the new Halion 4… or as I said, ask was it with an earlier version of halion etc…

check out the facts bro, but I see no reason why Halion should omit any info, on import of what is the most BASIC sampler format.

As well it would be nice for a Dev to chime in here! :laughing:

I’ve had no problems with any Soundfonts in HALion 4.5.1, including some old ones I’d made myself back in the day. It’s just drag-and-drop and off you go. Either way, you’ll probably want to tweak the presets anyway and save them as HALion presets, in which case you’ll be able to correct any inaccuracies that may result.

Fair enough, the supplier may be hesitant, but you he’s not selling you a HALion 4 product, he’s selling a Soundfont and it’s probably a bit much to expect any kind of guarantee that it’ll work in anything other than a Sound Blaster.


Nix “ugh” – E-MU delivered the technology and the SF2 format specification as well as the chips to play it … the fact that Creative destroyed it (what an ironic company name! :unamused: ) is beside the point.

Well, OK. Creative cards suck. EMU, I have no experience with. My bad. I try not to criticize that which I have no knowledge of.

The soundfont was a major development that got us to the point where we are today.

Kudos to whoever developed the soundfont. I still have a few on my hard drive. I had a lot of them about 10 years ago. More than I could load.

Strange that I can load them all 20 times and still have room for more now. Irrelevant. Just sayin’

That is not really fair, Soundfonts are a proprietary format until version 2 which was “mostly” public, that means that there are always some compatibility problems since a number of programs used slightly different ways of doing things and a number of programs packed “extra features” into the file format, Halion will import the sample data correctly, in a few cases a parameter or 2 will be incorrect but the same will happen on almost any program

I’m using Halion One (included in C5) and Steinberg confirm that SoundFonts can only be open in the full version of Halion…

So even If I have Halion One, I would have to pay for the full version just to import my soundfonts, because there is no upgrade price to go fron HOne to HFull version.
That’s a downer…

Why not include this feature in HOne?

Because Halion One is a rompler, not a sampler. The Halion One name has been dropped because of this confusion, it actually has nothing to do with Halion the sampler at all. It has no means of importing any sounds, only playing back factory included presets. Halion 4 is now out to replace Halion 3 and Halion Sonic SE is out to replace Halion One.