Can i upgrade free from an already upgraded cubase?

hi i am wanting to purchase a package that includes an upgrade to cubase pro 11 . I want to know if i purchase it i can upgrade free to pro 12 .Here are there details they show thank you


Do believe your eyes! This bundle will give you a full licence of Cubase 11 Pro AND a UR-12 USB Interface for less than the price of Cubase 11 on its own! We can do this by combining the Cubase AI licence (included with the UR-12 interface) with an upgrade from Cubase AI to the latest version of Cubase Pro, in this case 11.

To unlock the full licence, you first need to install and register Cubase AI, then install and register the update from AI to Pro. Once upgraded, this licence is then identical to the retail Cubase Pro 11 and can be upgraded in the same way in the future.

I think you will get 12 for free because of the grace period. You will need a dongle I guess. SO install AI and register. Then upgrade to 11 with elicencer and dongle, it should then inform you you have a grace for 12.
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Here is how it works:

  1. If you activate Cubase AI now, you will get Cubase AI 12 with the new Steinberg Licensing.
  2. Then you can purchase the Cubase AI to Cubase Pro 12 upgrade box at your retailer and this will get you another DAC that will upgrade you to Cubase Pro 12.

There is no eLicenser dongle required. Straight forward. Great deal.

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Thank you for your responses .Much appreciated.TBH i am a little long in the tooth and forgive me for wanting it spelling out a bit more ( i know lol !) ā€¦
You mentioned purchasing the upgrade. Now with the deal above it seems to suggest that i will once activating as suggested obtain the 11 pro without further cost. So from that i can then due to the ā€˜grace periodā€™ upgrade to pro 12 for free. This deal seems really good ā€¦this is the heading of the add
Steinberg Cubase Pro 11 + UR-12 Audio Interface Ā£294 .
The other way is to get the competitive upgrade as i own studio one pro and logic pro but it still seems to work out cheaper to get the above deal. ( i think !!) If you have any other suggestions or comments would love to hear thanks :slight_smile:
ALso good to hear i dont have to buy a dongle as well

If you activate Cubase AI now, you will get Cubase AI 12 with the new Steinberg Licensing.

  • Then you can purchase the Cubase AI to Cubase Pro 12 upgrade box at your retailer and this will get you another DAC that will upgrade you to Cubase Pro 12.*

Boy oh boy this has been hell trying to activate . I know now why i never ever got on trying to install even the free version of Cubase because of the ludicrously complicated and buggy installation and registering. I have tried every thing to get this working . You know what gets me is there is no proper step by step explanation. It is not enough to say here is how it works ! How is it pro tools , Logic , Studio one were oh so easy to install and register. Its about time Steinberg thought more about its customers than trying to prevent the odd fraudā€¦we are put through hell instead.Thanks for nothing !

Iā€™m sure that someone will help you get it sorted out, it shouldnā€™t be that difficult. Just try to explain the issue and maybe post screenshot where you got stuck.

thank you . I must get some sleep now but will check back here tomorrow. I purchased as mentioned above a package ncluding an upgrade to pro 11 . I have installed ok cubase ai . I then went ahead and entered the access code for 11 and the activation code was given . But when i entered the activation code it says no license to upgrade foundā€¦Please connect a usb- elicensar which contains the appropriate license to upgrade your computer . The fob usb shows up in the elicensar control centre but it has a circle with a red line through it . hope you can help . am really stuck thanks

Hi Paul,
From what I am thinking it sounds like you didnā€™t complete the activation for Cubase AI properly. (it is not installation)
After AI is properly activated to your account then you can apply the upgrade?

Need support to take over from here for me.

yes you are right. It was not activated . I found this page that explains the glitch

Cubase AI or Cubase LE 4/5/6 Registration Fails.


Basically, this is an installation issue which can be solved by uninstalling and reinstalling Cubase properly. The necessary steps in detail:

ok so thanks for reaching out .Much appreciated. No wonder lots of folks had probs at the beginning of activation. After i upgrade (hopefullyā€¦grace period) to 12 at least no more fobs to fob you off!!
My best to you
ps where Steinberg and many other software companies fail is that a page should be established with tick boxes. As soon as you get stuck it will have solution links on the same page again with tick boxes ā€¦easy really ā€¦common senseā€¦but common sense aint so common !! Thats my gripe for the day :slight_smile:

I am seriously thinking of suing Steinberg .I have checked the Sale of Goods act and you have failed to deliver. Your solution was no solution and to buy for several hundred pounds your stuff and its impossible to get going on both my new AMD Ryzen 5 PRO 4650G pc and my macbook pro. I sent this report into support 5 days ago and they havenā€™t even looked at it.
Enough is enough

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Hi Paul,
I bought the same promotion from AI to pro.
The fact is that you have to buy an USB dongle otherwise it doesnā€™t work.
It would work if you have bought the upgrade from AI to pro12. But you have the upgrade to pro 11.
Matthias told the dongle is not necessary for 12 pro. Unfortunately for 11 pro it is necessary in order to get 12, you have to transition from the old system to the new. I do agree that is very complicated.
Then you have simply to- much less stress and cost than to sue Steinberg :wink:>
1Buy the dongle
2 Activate the AI license to the USB dongle, or transfer it to the USB dongle from the soft e licenser if you have the AI license in the soft e licenserā€¦ this transfer is mandatory. In order to upgrade the Ai license you have to transfer it to the USB, otherwise the upgrade to pro 11 wouldnā€™t work
3 Upgrade the AI license to 11 pro license in the USB dongle and now you can use Cubase 11 pro with the dongle
4 Apply for the grace period and get the free pro 12 with the process described on this page

Problems with updating to Cubase 12? Please read this first before posting! - Cubase - Steinberg Forums

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We are actively working on a solution to allow users without a USB eLicenser to complete this upgrade. Please bear with us a little longer.

thank you for your much welcomed advice. I actually have the dongle.It came with the ur 12 . I first tried to do the uppgrade as suggested with no dongle , as you say it doesnā€™t work. The problem is i am still having problems with the dongle. I realised by searching that i have to enter the dongle number into my account so i got that far, but i am still having problems. I will try just taking everything steinberg off the 2 systems and start again and hopefully that will do itā€¦ I really am willing to pay someone to help me. Talk about !! I am one of those people who need a step by step instructionā€¦no steps missed out. I guess i have been spoiled married to a teacher who has brilliant pedagogical skills! Step by stepā€¦not missing oneā€¦I have the dreaded feeling i aint gonna get this thing sorted

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OK For anyone who is having probs upgrading from cubase ai as a new user like myself ā€¦please remember ai is no longer available. It is instead Cubase LE AI Elements 12 . Its very nice to offer i guess a more powerful package but after downloading it many times (sometimes it said in parts of the system ai just to tease me !!) it was the reason for the impasse. So in my case thatā€™s why i couldnā€™t move forward because my package was ai to pro 11 upgrade and then onto pro 12 (Grace period) .I spent many hours asking here there and everywhere.Even paid a guy for an hour to try and sort it out . Anyway i really moaned yesterday on my support ticket and asked please just give me the Pro 12 and lets be done with itā€¦and they did. yehhh. Just one download access code and bam all just worked. Its on my macbook pro my pc and still have one spare . Its pretty generous . Im a frazzled but happy bunny . And to get pro 12 and the UR-12 for Ā£294 is in my books a great value. Now must get down to the real work lol :slight_smile: