Can Midi Lanes act like Audio Lanes with auto-mute of earlier overlaid takes

I believe ‘Mix-Stacked’ mode effectively offers this when doing auto cycle records, but it doesn’t auto mute earlier sections of takes when overlaying partial MANUAL takes and making additional MIDI lanes.

Is there a way to achieve this without needing to cut up earlier events to allow muting of earlier parts of lane events.

Seems like basic required functionality - if it was good for audio lanes, surely it is good for midi too?

Or have I missed the obvious?

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No, MIDI Parts don’t act this way and there is no preferences to change it, sorry.

you can make a Feature Request for a preference, perhaps “Editing: Treat MIDI Lanes like Audio Lanes”

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Perhaps you would be good enough to hit the link above and vote for this.


I’m all out of votes but I’ll bump the thread in a few days


Any idea when you are allowed more votes?

no clue, ask @steve

Seems you get more the more times you visit the forums or comment.

So some half baked idiot who keeps turning up here with nothing better to do and no brain will end up being able to vote for loads, whereas a contented highly able technically literate user who gets on a produces music every day and only visits occasionally, gets virtually no votes or therefore say.

Genius. Utter genius. NOT!!

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Really not much wonder that important things keep getting ignored by Steinberg when this is the system to inform them of problems and requirements.

I think Steinberg likely has a list of working and high level producers they stay in direct contact with on a personal level, so that’s covered.

Why bother with these forums at all then?

Just a PR exercise?

I feel so valued :wink:

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To troubleshoot, get help, share tips, report bugs, and to give feature requests… Good pragmatic well thought out feature requests get added into the program from the forum all the time, I’ve had some of my own added as well as many bugs fixed within one or two updates.

Doesn’t seem to work for some things - longstanding, important bugs which get overlooked time and time again, with development hours going into stuff which the marketing people want, while those who have already purchased struggle on with workarounds.

Ah well. Just seems it could be done so much better with very little extra effort.

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