Can record but cant hear playback? help!cubase le5 with R8

Hi ya I really need some help! I have been trying to work this out for hours and I need someone to explain it to me because I cant figure it out. I have cubase le5 with zoom R8 audio interface. Have beeen trying to set it up and have finally got most of it to work properly but when I record (theres waves so I know it has recorded )when I play it back theres no sound. Im assuming its something to do with vst connections? but I dont really understand this as im not very technical. Can someone tell what im doing wrong? Thanks

You should really post this in the le5 forum.

You are using the Zoom ASIO driver in Cubase?

and have you connected your speakers to the R8?

Use the Getting Started manual that comes with LE 5, and tell us how it’s set up. From there we can have somewhere to start helping you from, cause at this point, we can only quote exactly what your manual says. If you have any need for clarification (the manual is a beast, I know) we would be happy to help.

I am using cubase 4 AI and have recorded a band, as i have done many times before, and for some reason all of a sudden i cant hear any playback??? the metres are spiking as normal and it was fine before i closed it down after the last session, what is going on??? if i export the audio it plays…so confused…please help!!! thanks a million


Find the Cubase Troubleshooting.